If you poke a sewer rat in the eye, it doesn’t respond rationally

I did a little experiment. I made a video criticizing a loony comic book guy who hates SJWs. I was also partly driven by disgust: he lies transparently. In this one video he made, he goes over published reviews of a movie online, taps on the screen with his pencil, and says the reverse of what the reviewer said, and his fans believe him. Honestly, it’s that blatant: he shows a positive, favorable review, which any viewer can easily read, and declares that, well, this reviewer can’t even stomach the film, contradicting the review in plain sight. It’s psychologically fascinating and revolting at the same time.

So I pointed out that he’s lying over and over again.

Of course his fans discovered that I’d criticized their hero and came flooding in, which is where it gets interesting. I’m told I have low testosterone, I’m boring, I need to watch more of his videos (no thank you), and since I’m obviously a Social Justice Warrior, my opinion is not to be trusted. For instance…

I think you misunderstood what SJW is . You are a Beta Male by definition. That would make you a white knight with a agenda to deny your own masculinity in procurement of selfish attention . Mostly by overly dominant females. Your total lack of information is also a symptom of a SJW mindset and especially a Beta Male.

Ouch. So many cliches. “Beta male”, “white knight”, “deny your own masculinity”, and I’m motivated solely by my craving for attention from dominant feeemales. None of that addresses any of the points I made, and in fact, none of the comments addressed the problem that this Ethan Van Sciver character is openly misrepresenting what he shows.

Further, they mainly seemed to be focused on their martyr complex and imaginary conspiracy theories. For example…

The problem with SJ is that it’s not real Justice. In real justice, you are innocent until proven guilty. You have the right to a trial. You have the right face your accuser. You have the right to counsel. Evidence needs to be gathered to support the accuser’s claims. SJ has no court, no appeals and no jury. SJ only requires an accusation and a twitter mob to take your life away. SJ is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I couldn’t let that stand, so I asked, “Whose life has been taken away without due process by SJWs?” He had an answer.

OH MAN! I’m glad you asked. I’m short on time, so I’ll just point some more glaring examples of the lives effected by an evil philosophy.

Count Dancula
Jessie Smollet
Vic Mignogna
Hayden Williams
Nick Sandmann (along with the entire school)
Steven Crowder
Jordan Peterson
Martina Markota
Lindsay Shepherd

I could sincerely go on. Social justice sounds beautiful. I get it. But the underlying philosophical pillars are build on sand.

Jordan Peterson video on SJ:

Count Dankula is a British YouTuber who trained a dog to make a Nazi salute in response to the phrase, “Gas the Jews”. He was fined £800 for violating the Communications Act with his tasteless joke. He then went on to raise £100,000 on GoFundMe.

Jussie Smollett is an American actor who apparently (it’s currently under investigation) staged a hate crime. I’m not sure why he’s on the list, since it blew up in his face and he’s destroyed his own career.

Vic Mignogna is an American voice actor for anime. Multiple women, many of whom were underage at the time, have stepped forward to accuse him of decades worth of sexual harassment, and he’s lost a major gig after an investigation, and anime cons aren’t inviting him to their events any more. So yes, he’s lost revenue for his actions. Deservedly.

Hayden Williams is a representative for Turning Point USA who was punched by Zachary Greenberg while he was staffing a table at UC Berkeley. Greenberg was arrested and is facing serious criminal charges. Greenberg’s life has been and is going to be seriously affected…is that a bad thing?

Nick Sandmann is the smug, obnoxious high school kid who confronted a Native American singer at the Lincoln Memorial. Nothing has happened to him or his school, other than that his behavior was shown in a viral video. His family is suing the Washington Post for $250 million.

Steven Crowder…are you fucking kidding me? He’s one of the dumbest people on YouTube, and he’s parlayed that into gigs on Blaze TV, Fox News, PragerU, and the Glenn Beck show. The only penalty he seems to have suffered is that Fox News dropped him…for criticizing noted SJW Sean Hannity.

Jordan Peterson…jesus. This is ridiculous. Peterson is a man who has turned his persecution complex and his bizarre Jungian ideas into a money-making machine. He has suffered no substantial consequence other than, perhaps, self-afflicted constipation from his terrible diet.

Martina Markota is a far-right fanatical Trump supporter who spreads conspiracy theories, like PizzaGate, and shills for the Proud Boys. She had an account with Chase Bank that was closed, because the banks…hate…conservatives? I guess? She then raised $34,000 on IndieGoGo.

Lindsay Shepherd was a Peterson acolyte who was reprimanded for showing a Peterson video in a class she was TAing (I actually think the reprimand was inappropriate), and has since gone on to a career as a speaker and columnist for far right media, and has a few multi-million dollar lawsuits against the university pending.

So, basically, in response to a request for names of people who have had their lives taken away by horrible SJWs, he listed people who are profiting from conspiracy theories about how horrible SJWs are taking away people’s lives. Please, could someone ruin my life this way?

I expressed my disbelief that he actually cited Jordan Peterson as someone whose life has been destroyed by SJWs. Here’s his nonsensical reply.

Jordan Peterson is a Genius Canadian Treasure. And the leftist propaganda machine have been trying to slander him for years. It’s not working because no one trusts the media, and Peterson makes sense. The fact that he’s successful isn’t evidence that he’s not been maligned. All the money he’s making is a result of free market choices. Which in the end, is the fairest measure of success.

I think I’m done with these loons. Experiment successful. Once again, dishonest conservative blowhard is exposed for his lies, and once again, it makes no difference — it will be turned into profit and imaginary confirmation of the lies.


  1. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    I love the jackass who admitted that our ideals sound nice. Put aside that the people who we “tried” had their chance to tell their story. No one muzzled Weinstein or Mignogna or any grabass. They got their chance to explain themselves, and they failed. Put aside that people in courts sometimes don’t get due process either, and sometimes get convicted even if they’re innocent. (You know, one of those actual miscarriages of justice that people mad on the Interwebs ignore). So… you agree with us but you don’t like our tactics? Then… use different tactics.

    They know they’re wrong. They’re just too cowardly to do the right thing.

  2. gijoel says

    Jordan Peterson is a Genius Canadian Treasure.

    HA ha ha ha. I’m bookmarking this page for whenever I feel like I need a laugh.

  3. doubtthat says

    To be fair, when the critics panned Ayn Randian Zach Snyder’s bizarre Superman movie, all of the glibertarians acknowledged that it meant their ideology was wrong.
    Box office success is even BETTER THAN PUBLIC DEBATES at determining the right and wrong of things.

  4. rietpluim says

    And yet, it keeps surprising me. I can imagine some people being that evil, but i can’t imagine so many people being that stupid.

  5. says

    Pretty hard for the media to have “persecuted” Peterson for years when he only came to widespread public attention in Canada in the fall of 2016, and elsewhere in the months after that. And a lot of what he goes on about seems like it’s recycled from people like Alan Bloom. Remember Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind? That was first published 32 years ago.

  6. Owlmirror says

    Pointing out an effect/affect typo is a bit of a cheap shot, but:

    I’m glad you asked. I’m short on time, so I’ll just point some more glaring examples of the lives effected by an evil philosophy.

    I don’t think that what he wrote means what he things it means . . .

  7. Owlmirror says

    Sigh. Did I really do that?

    I don’t think that what he wrote means what he thinks it means . . .


  8. Owlmirror says

    Hey! I’m a “Genius Canadian Treasure”! Where’s my loot?

    I think you need a crustacean mascot to model human behavior on, first. Got any preferences?

  9. unclefrogy says

    that there fella is remarkably disconnected from reality and or language.
    he must be making a bunch of money from his bull shit spewing.
    or hoping to
    uncle frofy

  10. cartomancer says

    The “low testosterone” bit amuses me. I recently started taking medication to stop my hair thinning in future (a ubiquitous affliction on both sides of my family – I’m getting in before the rot starts). A very welcome side-effect of the pills is that my testosterone levels are much lower, and I’ve never felt better. All that ghastly anguish and unhappiness caused by sexual desire is practically gone. I am a lot calmer now. I don’t need so shave as often. I don’t feel the urge to go out and make myself feel lonely and repulsive by trying unsuccessfully to initiate sexual contact with other men of a weekend. I’ve got so much more reading and painting done since I started!

    Really, if someone had told me this would be the result I’d have started taking it years ago, and saved myself untold depression and despair.

  11. rgmani says

    If you look at how the Captain Marvel movie did compared to other movies based on Marvel comics (and Metacritic has given us a handy comparison page here), you’ll find that it did somewhat better than average. Anyway, when it comes to comic book-based movies, critic reviews are generally not a very good indication of how the movie will do at the box office. For the metascore of Infinity War is 68 (which is only slightly better than Captain Marvel) and it made over $2 billion worldwide.

    Anyway, his dreams of a $70 million box office are probably not going to come true. Boxoffice Mojo projects that it is probably going to end up at at least $130 million for the weekend.


  12. says

    @OP, PZ

    Please, could someone ruin my life this way?

    Impossible. Because you couldn’t stoop to being part of the grift.

    But if you really wanted to? Heck, you could CLEAN THE HELL UP. Dude, you’re an oldish white American professor. PROFESSOR! My God you could do so incredibly well. Your plan would be this:

    1: Select a wedge issue. Trans rights are the hotness for this but anything the right screams about will do, even representation in film. Make a few posts expressing doubt about the social justice take on the issue, worry faintly it’s ‘going too far’.

    2: Use the inevitable pushback from your firmly pro-social-justice Horde as the basis for further articles, complaining about the responses. Spread your claimed opinions to be now slightly on the rightist side of the original wedge, and add doubt to adjacent issues.

    3: Do this for a month or two. When this has built up to the point where the Horde is mostly saying ‘What the hell, hero? What happened to you??’, swerve hard and produce a rant against the bullying inherent in SJW circles. Be sure here to use the keywords ‘SJW’ and ‘bullying’. From here, begin moving towards the schtick Peterson does.

    4: Ramp that up for a week or two, then quit Freethought Blogs in a huge explosion of sound and fury, create absolutely as much drama as possible. Move immediately to another blog, either a network with distinct right-wing leanings or your own private server. Begin with a rant about how the anti-free-speech behavior of the SJWs opened your eyes to the problems with the whole movement. Follow up with a handful of articles and videos over the next few weeks calling out various other members of this network and The Orbit, using content cherry-picked in bad faith from their blogs to demonstrate the ‘SJW groupthink’. Be sure to include the keyword ‘FTBullies’ in here somewhere, apologize to the Slymepit, and perhaps even insinuate you have ‘taken the red pill’.

    5: Begin reaching out to right-wing bloggers and youtubers, offering to appear on their programs. Your in is that you are an ex-SJW, a professor who could no longer tolerate the hive mind. Begin to take a hard line against trans rights (specifically) and make concerned noises against gay rights. Apologize to Thunderf00t and Ophelia, post about how right they are. Around here create your crowdfunding accounts, which are all about fighting back against the people trying to silence you.

    6: Appear on bigger and bigger name shows and begin to get invited to events. At this point you have two huge selling points even over and above being a professor who can make them feel good about their prejudices: you have the purported Saul-on-the-road-to-Damascus conversion away from the ‘dangerous’ SJW agenda (can talk about how their claimed equality philosophy took you in but it all turned out to be lies based on hating white people or whatever), and you are a biology professor now arguing against the validity of queer rights. You can wear a t-shirt with the ‘facts don’t care about your feelings’ line, and be the absolute king of pseudoscientific arguments. This will probably be enough to get you on Hannity and Carlson if you parlay it right, being sure to use the content of every left-tuber who comments on the strange conversion as fodder for videos about ‘more proof of the attempted silencing’. At this stage you should have a steady stream of Patreon/GoFundMe/Hatreon/whatever income coming from the embittered white men who believe supporting someone like you is striking back agaist the SJW menace.

    That should be enough. You should be able to live VERY comfortably on this version of the grift, and any reprimand or job action from U of M will throw gasoline on the fire… but if you want to push it the whole way, then —

    7: Begin introducing into your content, bit by bit, dribs and drabs of ‘biology’ and other fake -ologies insinuating that there really is a ranking to the natural aptitudes and behaviors of the human ‘races’ and guess who comes out on top. Here you can even begin buddying up to hard-right politicians and hate groups, all of whom would crack their wallets and cream their shorts for the opportunity to have an ex-SJW biology professor express plausibility for ‘race realism’. At this stage you could possibly even tap into the grandest level of the grift and begin getting paid huge Koch ‘n’ Fox dollars for your talking headery.

    Step by step. Here’s how to ‘ruin your life’ that way. But it doesn’t seem to me you have the lack of empathy and integrity necessary to do this – in fact, I’d say if you DID do this, then at the end you’d be a millionaire who can’t look at himself in any shiny surface; your life would be very comfortable, but also, distinctly, ruined.

    Why does the commenting engine here strip out numbering of the form ‘1.’?

  13. says

    Um, I see why you commented about the number stripping just there. I meant that thought comment 17 by abbeycadabra was brilliant.

  14. jrkrideau says

    Jordan Peterson is a Genius Canadian Treasure.

    As far as Canadian Treasures go, I’ll take a bottle of maple syrup.

    @ fledanow
    Loot? We persecute Genius Canadian Treasures around here. You have been reported to the Royal Canadian Air Farce.

  15. yknot says

    Regarding Vic Mignogna, and only Vic Mignogna, you say there was an investigation, but you don’t say by whom or its outcome. Then you say he deserves to loses money for his actions, but apparently nobody has yet proved any actions. If he is guilty, then he deserves to be punished, but don’t hang him before the trial. Your rush to judgment weakens your position, gives weight to the arguments of those you disagree with, and destroys due process.

  16. Azkyroth, B*Cos[F(u)]==Y says


    blockquote> If he is guilty, then he deserves to be punished, but don’t hang him before the trial.

    No one’s being hanged..?

  17. says

    Due process is all too often a farce. If I’m ever on a jury again I will not take jailhouse informants seriously until prosecutors always tell of any deals made with them. I donate to the Innocence Project.

  18. anchor says

    One of the things that characterizes them wacky martyrmots is that they speak cliché fluently. They are a mobby sort bereft of independent thinking and must draw their sustenance from the common pool of phrases. I suspect they must all synch to going to the bathroom simultaneously too.

  19. fledanow says

    Owlmirror @ 10

    As a more really real Genius Canadian Treasure than Jordan Peterson, I model my human behaviour on dogs. Except for the butt sniffing. I leave butt sniffing to politicians. And Jordan Peterson.

    Could this be why I’m not getting any of that Genius Canadian Treasure loot?

    Crip Dyke, my voluminous monies pockets are wide open! All my thanks for your barnacle love.

  20. KG says

    Count Dankula is a British YouTuber who trained a dog to make a Nazi salute in response to the phrase, “Gas the Jews”. He was fined £800 for violating the Communications Act with his tasteless joke.

    As of a week or two ago, he hadn’t paid the fine. And I don’t believe for a moment it was a joke – that was just the standard racist get-out clause; he’s a member of UKIP, and an associate of the far right scumbag Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka “Tommy Robinson”).

  21. Chakat Firepaw says

    Thinking back makes me wonder what kind of school he went to that 68 was a failing grade¹. IME, a 68 would range between a D+ a C+ depending on the school². Not a great grade but not a horrid showing in a poor subject or for a singular assignment/test.

    1: As a general definition, there are certainly things like qualification exams that require more than that to pass or average requirements higher than that to graduate.

    2: I’ve seen both 50 and 60 used as the pass line and both D and A getting the 20 percent wide band for ‘pass at 50’.