1. says

    The male reproduces by forcefully stabbing and injecting the female with his sperm and the female, in turn, consumes the male. Truly the radical centrism of gender equality in the animal kingdom.

  2. marcoli says

    I have not seen a visibly ‘sperm laden’ male cellar spider before and that was pretty cool. You will like the eggs, although females will carry them in their chelicerae. I suppose a very short puff of CO2 will get them to release. Here are some amazing pictures from an online friend of mine that show it is easy to see the eggs and embryos from within their very minimal egg sac:
    I can’t quite ID your female Salticid. It looks sort of like a member of several genera to me.

  3. cherbear says

    There is a facebook page called “US Jumping Spiders” that talks about care and feeding and sources of spiders. Mostly concentrating on the pretty American species like Phidippus audax. Very pretty.