How about if we never elect death-cultists, or people who appoint death-cultists, to office ever again

Mike Pompeo promising never-ending struggle until the Rapture:

We are plagued with an ominous number of these evangelical fanatics who are focused on the “End Times”, believe in prophecy, and bend all their effort to making prophecies of doom and death come true. Could we please stop putting them in office where their effectiveness in killing the world is amplified?


  1. auraboy says

    Pompeo doesn’t believe in the rapture any more than Trump does. Their strategists have pointed out, quite openly, that they expect Mueller’s report to be coming in the next four to six months and it’s time to rally the base to fever pitch in anticipation.
    Expect the last remaining Trump loyalists to start using extreme biblical imagery a lot more up until May/June.

  2. willj says

    We are plagued with an ominous number of these evangelical fanatics who are focused on the “End Times”

    Yes, an ominous number, as in all of them. They’re much more interested in “prophecy” and End-Times than in any moral teachings of Jesus. I guess it’s more of a money-maker for these carnival barkers who strut around on stage like bad Shakespearean actors. They’re everywhere on cable tv.

  3. microraptor says

    I wouldn’t be certain that Pompeo isn’t talking about the actual End Times. He could very easily have decided that everything that’s happened in the last few years is part of the prophecy.

  4. nomdeplume says

    Is one of the signs of the end times coming that the Secretary of State of the USA in 2018 believes in the “Rapture” nonsense?

  5. euclide says

    Found that in the comments of the tweet, a documentary named Waiting for Armageddon

    Now, I am depressed.

  6. Alt-X says

    This is why we’re doomed. The people with the weapons are playing LARP fantasy games and are going to drag the rest of the world into in. They’re going to do whatever they can to kick off wars in the hope Space Jesus flies back and punishes all us bad, evil peace loving lefty hippies. It’s a mental illness turned into government policy.

  7. John Morales says

    I did watch the initial segment of that docco euclide featured @6, and its piteous protagonists.
    Frankly, I am less convinced by the man’s claims than by the woman’s serenity, but, ahem, God only knows.

    (Obs, piety is no impedance to designing weapons systems; “we come in peace, shoot to kill”)

  8. Mark Plus says

    Atheists can believe in the rapture, too: We can see that Christians have already started to disappear.