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    That’s a great video. And President Obama is a powerful speaker. He clearly and effectively pointed out the lies in Trump’s claims to be protecting healthcare coverage for people with preexisting conditions, (ditto for Republican candidates for Congress and other elected offices who are spreading the same lie).

    Unfortunately, the comment section, which scrolls by rapidly, looks like it is infected by a Russian troll and bot infestation. Examples:

    Obama used the FBI and DOJ to try to reverse Trump’s election. Treason.
    This guy is supposed to be a great speaker. What happened?
    Support Trump! MAGA!
    Obama should be tried for treason.

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    They eliminated the requirement that you have to be wealthy to have an opinion. PZ’s referring to the notion that the ghastly Dubya or the present vomitous spheroid of hatred and grease are somehow “the kind of guy you’d want to have a beer with.”

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    Correct. I’ve never desired social contact with W, or Reagan, or Trump — they were all awful people. Obama, though, I’d enjoy an evening with, even if I would bring up some subject that he wouldn’t be happy to discuss.

    Also, Clinton — he tries so hard to be folksy. I don’t want anything to do with him personally.

  4. antigone10 says

    I’d love to have a drink with Clinton. I think we’d have fun getting into the weeds of some of her white papers.

  5. erik333 says

    You could discuss how best to prosecute whistleblowers or the effectiveness of drone bombs on infants.

  6. patricklinnen says

    No need to vote because both sides, amirite? /s

    Funny, in a lolsob fashion, how the ‘Lessor of two Evils is still Evil’ is the goto statement among those too pure to vote and too pure to actually work to get better politicians.

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    Or the most effective way to organize a phone tree when calling Congress members to get them to stop talking about Single Payer or a Public Option in the debate over your healthcare law. Or what strategies are most effective for distracting your own base from noticing that you are neither prosecuting anybody for a financial meltdown nor ending any wars.

    Or which bank to laugh all the way to as you cash in on 8 years of enabling the Republican party at the expense of your own base, although I imagine Obama has already gone to Bill Clinton to hear the voice of experience on that one.