What goes with anti-vax, flat-earth, and cancer quackery?

Classic conspiracy theories galore at this facebook page, United 4 Truth. But also this:

Do you want the explanation that goes with this? No? Too bad, I’m going to inflict it on you anyway.

How does human DNA in vaccines contribute to the rise of gender identity confusion?

WI-38 is the cell lines from a FEMALE aborted fetus, used to cultivate viruses used in vaccines. When you inject the DNA from a FEMALE (carrying two X chromosomes) into a MALE (who already carries one X chromosome and a weaker Y chromosome) you now have an overload of the X chromosome.

Now we have an onslaught of BOYS who think they should be GIRLS.

Do we have male DNA in vaccines? YES! MRC-5 is the code given to the fetal cell line also used to cultivate vaccine viral components, and it comes from a MALE aborted fetus. Do we have girls thinking they are boys? YES! Is it as prominent as boys wanting to be girls? NO!

Why? Because girls have two dominant X chromosomes. When they are injected with a vaccine containing MRC-5, they aren’t just getting a Y chromosome, but yet another dominant X chromosome, on top of the two they already have. That’s why you don’t see as many girls wanting to be boys as you do the other way around.

These vaccines contain negligible amounts of human material — the cells are used to produce the viruses that are purified for injection. Also, even if you are injected with fragments of human chromosomes, that doesn’t imply that your cells will incorporate them into their genome, so chromosome dosage is irrelevant.This is like suggesting that if you drink milk, you’re actually swallowing whole cows, and this explains why some people say “moooo.”


  1. antigone10 says

    They are lacking citations for their claims. Notably, that you don’t see as many transmen as transwomen. While there are more male to female reassignment surgeries, that doesn’t say anything about gender presentation.

  2. dianne says

    @2: To be fair, red blood cells are enucleated so don’t contain full chromosomes, although the separation procedure is far from perfect, so there’s some DNA in there. More than in a vaccine, certainly. But sex chromosomes aren’t species specific. What about when you eat a cow? Or sheep? Or drink milk (contains nucleated WBCs)? Clearly only vegans are true manly men.

  3. chris61 says

    But isn’t it kind of refreshing to see people with a conspiracy theory about vaccines that doesn’t involve autism?

  4. Athywren - not the moon you're looking for says

    Well I for one would like to thank vaccines for turning me non binary (I’m assuming that this is also implicated) because, gosh, I was miserable as a [person trying to make myself be a] boy and then a young man but I’m generally quite happy as a non binary person. I can only assume this is because being “transed” by vaccines also cured my obviously totally-unrelated-to-gender discomfort.
    I can’t work out who’s confused though? Are they suggesting we’re confused, or is it that our genders confuse them?

  5. davidc1 says

    Just had a look at the site ,run of the mill stuff ,moon landings are fake ,the govt are out to
    get you .

  6. lakitha tolbert says

    Wow! This is another level of wtf! I could have gone my whole life without knowing.

  7. says

    Wait, X Chromosomes are dominant?
    When did tgat happen and how do cis men then happen anyway? Because unless I was too hung over in high-school biology, dominant would mean the one that is expressed.

  8. citizenjoe says

    —and: moms have stem cells from prior pregnancies; we all carry (or have carried) our moms’ stem cells, and many of us carry stem cells of our older sibs (thanks, moms!). Ain’t we confusing?

  9. llyris says

    Even worse, there’s DNA from your mother in her breastmilk. So clearly there are almost no men at all, they’ve all been turned into women by their mothers. And there are not that many adult women, they’ve all been turned into men by semen. Yes, semen from the trans women infected with their … um… father’s breastmilk.
    Obviously this make complete sense, and anyone who disagrees is a sheeple. Probably from eating Roquefort.

  10. chrislawson says


    Yeah, this is a nice example of someone reading just enough about genetics to justify their prejudices and closing the book there. The close-to-true part is that the X chromosome is effectively dominant in XYs because of the lack of a second X chromosome to give competing alleles (which is why X-linked conditions are much more common in XYs), but it makes absolutely no sense to call X chromosomes dominant in XXs.

    For those who are interested, there is little evidence that chromosome count has much to do with transgender identity, and clinicians who work in the field advise that checking karyotypes is a waste of time unless there is some other reason on history or examination to suggest further investigation (and further investigation is not to establish a “cause” for transgenderism). Also in the literature are reports of female-to-male XXYs, male-to-female XYYs, a male-to-female XXX, and even a case of a female-to-male XY with CAIS who demonstrated male-oriented identity at age 3.

  11. says

    But what about all those women who get male DNA in them from having sex with guys? Or for that matter all those men who get male DNA in them from having sex with guys. Have they considered that?

    Yeah, I know the answer is likely no.

  12. dianne says

    Wait, X Chromosomes are dominant?

    You probably don’t want to know what image flashed through my mind when I read that. So I won’t tell you, I’ll just imply it and allow you to imagine what you like, which will almost certainly be even naughtier.

  13. Curt Sampson says

    But what about all those women who get male DNA in them from having sex with guys? Or for that matter all those men who get male DNA in them from having sex with guys.

    Perhaps the latter could be a treatment for those who have received female DNA from a vaccine; compensate with a larger quantity of indisputably male DNA. One could even offer them the choice of oral or rectal administration.

  14. chrislawson says

    Oops, error@16

    — my third example was meant to read “female-to-male XXX”, because using the twisted logic of United 4 Truth, there should be no such thing as a female-to-male transgender identity with three Xs and zero Ys.

  15. chrislawson says

    Reminds me of the time I was stung by a wasp and developed antennae and wing stubs a week later.

  16. chris says

    Oh good grief. That is just ridiculous.

    First off, WI-38 was developed in the USA and is used mostly in vaccines manufactured in the USA. MRC-5 was developed in the UK, and is used in vaccine production mostly in Europe. If someone really wanted to promote this idiotic conjecture, they could see some differences between where the vaccines are administered. (reference: The Vaccine Race: Science, Politics, and the Human Costs of Defeating Disease by Meredith Wadman, which is a very good read)

    Though, they would more than likely ignore cultural influences like places where transgendered and non-straight folks are murdered just because they exist. They are in the same scum bucket as those who think kids with autism should die if they cannot survive vaccine preventable diseases. Um, my autism level 2 kid also has a genetic heart disorder. They are an interesting person, despite needing parenting at age thirty (anxiety, short term memory, etc)… and identifies as transgender (though is okay with using male pronouns… which is wise when getting a job coach through state disability services, they may have a developmental disability, but they are not stupid).

    By the way, this is a person who lives in my neighborhood… and I actually first read this article during one of my kid’s multiple cardiology appointments:

    Our local Skeptic meetup invited her to talk to us. I got yelled at by Dr. Deisher at that meetup. She yelled that the varicella vaccine was “too dirty” for an adjuvant, and later yelled that Dr. Plotkin lied in this paper, which I had a printout of in my hand:

    That was fun.

    By the way, that was a meetup that had to be rescheduled to the death of one of her sons from cancer. Which she then started to blame on vaccines. Le sigh:

    My apologies for so many links. This is something that is near and dear to me. I love all of my kids. This includes the youngest kid who wants to be a speech therapist to help modify the voices of those who are transgender is non-binary… is also the six month old child who suffered through chicken pox as baby. Forget the sleepless nights when dealing with an infant in pain who could not be consoled nor get much sleep. This young person is also more likely to get shingles in grad school.

  17. chris says

    Oh, I forgot to mention: my kids all got chicken pox a year before the vaccine was available. The youngest kid had to get a blood test to prove that they had actually had chicken pox for the college they now attend. Yep, it came out that they had had chicken pox in 1994.

    I love it that colleges ask those kind of questions.

  18. wzrd1 says

    Help me! I consumed broccoli for dinner and now, I’m turning into a celery.
    Isn’t there a miscegenation law against just that sort of event? :P

    Seriously, this is yet another case of antivaxer being not even wrong.

    Many know people taking various forms of insulin, which comes from genetically engineered e. coli bacteria.
    Not a one turned into a bacteria or rotted instantly.

  19. Holms says

    These people seem to think maleness / femaleness is caused by some sort of ongoing fight between X and Y chromosomes…? And if X is dominant over Y, why is the sex split in humans 50/50? Seems pretty finely balanced to me…

  20. chrislawson says

    The other funny thing about this whole idiocy is that they don’t seem to realise that if their conspiracy theory was true, then genetic engineering would be easy and we’d have developed the technology to fix genetic disorders long ago. The WI-38 cell line is derived from healthy lung fibroblasts. If genetic material from WI-38 vaccines was taken up by our cells and the new genes expressed, then we’d have accidentally cured cystic fibrosis by now.

  21. KG says

    First off, WI-38 was developed in the USA and is used mostly in vaccines manufactured in the USA. – chris@22

    Ha! I bet these vaccines have been widely used outside the USA and are the cause of the worldwide tendency of yoof to adopt American fashions in word use, music and clothing!

  22. =8)-DX says

    So, we’ve the choice of either vaccinating our children and preventing outbreaks of fatal ilnesses, or some miniscule percentage will be trans or nonbinary?

    Keep vaccinating everyone and never stop.

  23. dianne says

    @WMDKitty 27: Careful! Naproxen sometimes contains lactase and that insect stuff as coating. You might start mooing or grow wings and buzz. (Honestly, is anyone starting to wish the world really did work this way? It sounds much more fun than reality. I’ll take the risk of turning into a boy in return for the possibility of growing wings. No problem.)

  24. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Keep vaccinating everyone and never stop.

    This senior citizen has a list of six vaccines that AARP recommends for those over 50. Starting with this years flu shot. I’ll be talking to my doctor later this week about the list, and will get the flu shot before I leave her office.

  25. Stardrake says

    These people seem to be getting their knowledge of genetics and transferability of characteristics from 60’s Marvel & DC comics!

  26. says

    I read a lot of those comics. An awful lot. So many, in fact, that from contact I gained the proportional powers of medium-grade pulp stock and off-register inks.

  27. unclefrogy says

    the level of fear and ignorance that is expressed in these conspiracy theories is appalling, that they are so many and so commonly held is just sad beyond words.
    uncle frogy

  28. KG says


    Or possibly from Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman, in which prolonged contact between bicycle and rider has remarkable consequences.

  29. jazzlet says

    And Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman has the added benefit of being far funnier than these ignormuses.