Another one of those spider videos? Again?

Yeah, sorry, arachnophobes! It’s day 6, everyone is looking good, so I’ve started trying to figure out how to sort out the tremendous number of spiders I now have in the lab. It looks like a few hundred babies, with 4 more egg sacs waiting in the wings to hatch out. I think I’m experiencing a population explosion.


  1. anxionnat says

    Population explosion? Well, you’ve certainly got a major cuteness outbreak there. Thank you–I’m enjoying your videos.

  2. unclefrogy says

    have you had any instances cannibalism
    seems I have heard that it is common with spider-lings especially inside the egg sack do you think opening it up and supplying adequate food help to prevent or lesson it?

    i really like spiders miraculous and fiendish. so focused on the job at hand.
    uncle frogy

  3. anchor says

    @#3 – PZ made passing mention of a carcass or two he spotted not long after they started mobilizing. If he wasn’t keeping the ones he liberated satisfied with lots of fruit flies the hungry little devils might have been at each other with considerable relish. The unopened sacs might end up rupturing forth a more gruesome story.