The Koch brothers are not on your side

The Kochs have been in the news lately because they’re expressed unhappiness with Trump, and Trump has sniped back at them. This is a reminder that the enemy of your enemy is not your friend — the Kochs are major backers of the Heartland Institute, and have been and still are promoting science denialism. They’re all evil liars, even when they’re having a falling out among themselves.

I agree with that video: keep all capitalist enterprises out of the school room. Capitalism promotes short-term thinking, and short-term exploitation. But of course places like the Heartland Institute and the fully-owned subsidiary of moneyed interests, the Republican party, have been working for years to starve the educational system so that teachers will be reliant on handouts from corporations.

Also, keep religion out of the classroom. Religion promotes delusional, fantasy thinking. Can we just keep the schools focused on reality?


  1. imback says

    Focusing on reality is what Heartland and others want people to stop doing. Denying reality and science enables them to push their agenda, namely short-term exploitation as mentioned. At the minimum, they want to promote a postmodernist confusion about reality.

  2. patricklinnen says

    Schlock Mercenaries’ 29th Maxim:
    The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy. No more. No less

  3. jrkrideau says

    Well, I am all for taking everything we can from Heartland. I have no problem with looting the bastards.