Just how corrupt is the US government?

Here’s another fun fact: Anthony Kennedy, who had a reputation as the “swing justice” on the Supreme court (he wasn’t), had closer ties to Trump than I could have imagined.

Retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s son loaned President Donald Trump over a billion dollars for his real estate projects, The New York Times reported.

Justin Kennedy was the head of Deutsche Bank’s real estate capital markets division and loaned to Trump when other banks wouldn’t.

Jesus Fucking Christ.

But don’t you worry. The crook who has profited most off of all these connections now has the power to appoint new judges who will then handle his crimes.

And don’t forget, the crook is confident that he has the power to pardon everyone who is guilty, including himself.


  1. rpjohnston says

    At least I can fantaize about Mueller putting Justice Bedshitter in cuffs now.

  2. says

    I wouldn’t assume Mueller is going to do anything at all. He’s part of the establishment and has been his whole career. He’s not serving the people, he’s serving the establishment, and that may include just giving Trump a big ole FBI-style thumbs up. Remember, Comey served Trump, too. He was discarded when he wasn’t useful anymore.

    I predict that Mueller will bury some people who have become inconvenient, and write a report that says basically that the democrats were stupid to get pwn’d by the Russians. Watch.

  3. robro says

    PZ OP

    The crook who has profited most…

    I’m not sure we know which crook has profited the most off of all these connections. There are a lot of them, and many of them are not very public. One of them has retired from public life after helping manipulate victories in two important elections in this country and the UK.

  4. robro says

    Marcus — You may be right, but I predict that your prediction of the future is no better than mine.

  5. Raucous Indignation says

    Marcus, the thing I am holding out for is the hubris of LEO. The prospect of bagging a POTUS in the wild has got to give Mueller a raging hard-on. He’d be the greatest copper to have ever lived!

  6. says

    Somebody else pointed out to me that if any of the cases in which Trump is a defendant (e.g., the Fake Foundation) reached the Supreme Court, Kennedy might have decided to recuse himself. And that would result in a 4-4 tie (most likely). But with Kennedy replaced . . .

    So the thinking is that this may have motivated him to retire now.

  7. says

    @ ahcuah Except.. we have already seen SCOTUS judges not just fail to, but deny the need to, recuse themselves when there is a blatant conflict of interest. So, yeah, no.. That would require the man has more of a conscience than the last asshole that made a judgement on something his own bloody wife was tied to.

  8. rydan says

    @ ahcuah That’s an interesting idea. But wouldn’t any justice he appoints have to recuse themselves? In fact he probably shouldn’t be appointing anybody because once he gets his 4 justices at the end of his 2nd term that’s only 4 justices that can decide basically making it a 4-0 massacre. I guess he just cares more about destroying this country than money.

  9. rydan says

    Sorry, can’t count or edit my comment. Meant 5-0 obviously. But that’s not entirely right since not all the conservative justices would be retiring. I think you get the point though.