1. John Wilkins says

    These are lovely little creatures. We used to pick them up when we were kids, as they are local to my home suburb in Melbourne. Yes, we knew they were venomous. Yes, we threw them at each other [Hey, I was 16 and stupid. Now I am no longer 16]

  2. says

    A nice octopus story.

    It’s a good thing octopuses have so many tentacles — Fred is going to need them to count his blessings.

    That’s the name given to the lucky 70-pound cephalopod who was spared a fate on the chopping block by Morro Bay’s Giovanni DeGarimore, owner of Giovanni’s Fish Market.

    DeGarimore’s livelihood depends on selling seafood, not releasing it, but the businessman said he’s had a change of heart about the noble octopus.