1. Matt G says

    Wank them off?? How tame. They should take a page from the “no means yes, yes means anal” playbook….

  2. robro says

    There are some prominent non-journalists out there bemoaning the plight of Incels and promoting the need to redistribute sex for them. They should join the circle.

  3. thirdmill301 says

    I hesitate to point this out, but there are gay male journalists who might be entirely too agreeable to those terms. In that case, I suppose it would be an open question who was redistributing sex to whom.

  4. emergence says

    Just to remind everyone, the people suggesting that incels should be given sex are usually also the people who dismiss women’s concerns about rape.

  5. says

    I have a better suggestion: let them fuck eachother. Divide into two groups and take turns on alternate days. They could have more sex that way than most of us do.

  6. markr1957 says

    Incels should all get naked and form a circle so each one can fuck the one in front of him and nobody misses out. Problem solved.

  7. EigenSprocketUK says

    thirdmill30: careful lest someone might infer that you have prejudices about gay people, or assumptions about the gender of journalists.