This is what a steady diet of poison will do to you

Alexandre Bissonnette, the Canadian mass murderer who walked into a mosque and opened fire, is not at all remorseful.

“I regret not having shot more people,” the shooter told the social worker, who described him as calm and coherent. “The victims are in heaven and I’m living in hell.”

Earlier in the day, prosecutors revealed searches from Bissonnette’s computer that “indicated the Quebec mosque shooter was obsessed with U.S. President Donald Trump, Muslims, Dylann Roof, mass shootings and feminists,” the Gazzette noted. The Canadian National Observer reported that the shooter searched for Trump more than 800 times before the massacre he committed just over a week after the American president’s inauguration

What an excuse! He imagines his victims are in heaven. They’re not, they’re dead, their families are grieving. Religion sure fucks up your head, doesn’t it?

You know what else he was consuming, besides his bible? Alt-right neo-Nazi garbage.

Just to be fair, Ben Shapiro was very popular with this guy, and he has tried to distance himself from the association.

OK. Bissonnette is a “a deranged POS”, agreed. But then Ben Shapiro is also “a deranged POS”, so I guess it was a case of shared affinities. Looking at all the names on that list, it’s one big garbage pile of deplorables.

By the way, Andy Riga is the journalist reporting on this case for the Montreal Gazette, and is worth following if you care about what happens to “a deranged POS”.


  1. bigwhale says

    Momma always said, “responsible for evil is as responsible for evil does.” I’m not judging anyone’s soul, but if someone’s audience is full of hate, they either need to do something about it, or I will have to assume they are supporting it.

  2. Reginald Selkirk says

    The Canadian National Observer reported that the shooter searched for Trump more than 800 times…

    Huh? Why was this necessary? Trump dominates the front page of the news every single day, it doesn’t take any searching.

  3. peptron says

    Don’t forget to read about the victims too, they were all very involved in their communities. Read the story of Aymen Derbali for example.

  4. says

    Daniel Dale: “After a false early report that the Quebec City mosque massacre was co-perpetrated by a man with a Muslim name, Ben Shapiro mockingly tweeted, ‘It’s the damn Mormons again’. In fact, prosecutors allege, the killer was a white Ben Shapiro fan.”

  5. Ed Seedhouse says

    >What an excuse! He imagines his victims are in heaven

    Wait. They are surely accursed non believers in Christ and deniers of the Resurrection, so they pretty much by definition go to hell from an Xian perspective, right?

  6. unclefrogy says

    well that does illustrate that there is a complete lack of consistency and understanding of his purported religion. and a complete failure at reason.
    unless he is saying that they were in truth innocent victims and that he is now suffering for his deliberate acts. seems very self-destructive thinking to me.
    uncle frogy

  7. blf says

    (This is a slightly-edited cross-post from poopyhead’s current Political Madness All the Time thread.)

    Related, Neo-Nazi ‘Tyrone’ exposed as US marine:

    Just weeks before a white supremacist rally turned deadly last August after a neo-Nazi allegedly drove his car into a crowd in Charlottesville, Virginia, several of the rally’s organisers discussed ways to use cars as weapons in an online chatroom.

    On July 17, one of those organisers, operating under the alias “Tyrone”, posted a picture of a farm machine known as a combine harvester, writing it sure would be nice. He then wrote: Is it legal to run over protesters blocking roadways?

    Tyrone’s statements garnered media attention last August, but it was not publicly known who was behind the alias. That changed recently, when an anti-racist activist exposed Tyrone’s identity as Michael Joseph Chesny, a 36-year-old active duty marine who was stationed at an airbase in Havelock, North Carolina with a speciality in explosives.

    In more than 1,000 posts in an online chatroom called Discord, Tyrone gave detailed advice on how to fight in the streets of Charlottesville, and also posted a raft of racial slurs and statements pledging support for neo-Nazi causes and organisations.


    [Islamphobic and racial] slurs were rampant on Discord, but Tyrone stood out for his more specific advice. In one instance, he advised others on how to build and use a flagpole as a weapon.


    On July 23, 2017, Tyrone posted an image of an armed man with the caption: I am actually a US Marine who was born to kill …


    Al Jazeera contacted Chesny, but he hung up the phone. When Al Jazeera sent Chesny questions by text message, asking him to respond in writing, Chesny instead attempted to call our reporter from a talk radio station in North Carolina in order to, he said, record and reserve the right to distribute the interview.

    Al Jazeera did not agree to these terms, and gave Chesny several more days to respond to questions in writing — which he declined to do. Chesny has not admitted that Tyrone is his online alias.

    The radio station from which Chesny called Al Jazeera had hosted him before. On July 27, 2017, Tyrone wrote that he’d be making his triumphant return to live radio tonight on 107.1 WTKF to discuss South African white supremacist Simon Roche.


    While many in the alt-right […] often minimise the kind of posts made by Tyrone as acts of “trolling”, Chesny’s messages contain numerous examples where Tyrone’s words match Chesny’s actions.


    I was at Pikeville [a nazi rally in April 2017 in Kentucky], Tyrone boasted, Seig Heiling into the night.

    Video from the Pikeville rally shows Chesny wearing sunglasses and black gloves, marching in formation with a group of men flying neo-Nazi flags and wearing shirts signalling their support for Rahowa — or racial holy war.

    In one video from Pikeville, NSM [nazi National Socialist Movement] leader Jeff Schoep declared that the people behind him are are the shock troops for the white race. Chesny’s face appears in the back of the crowd.


    When asked to comment on Chesny’s activities, Marines spokesman Brian Block told Al Jazeera that any marine’s affiliation with white supremacist groups is “a violation” that results in “separation following the first substantiated incident of misconduct”.


    Chesny had become eligible for a promotion to staff sergeant last September, but Marines officials say that promotion was cancelled during an investigation that led to Chesny’s general discharge from the Marines on April 5.


    Officials at the Marine Corps and the DOD argue that the incidence of white supremacists in their ranks is rare.

    But DOD spokeswoman Carla Gleason told Al Jazeera that the military does not keep data on the number of people who have been discharged for their affiliations with white supremacist groups.


    More details at the link.

  8. numerobis says

    Ed Steedhouse @7: it’s somewhat likely he’s an atheist, being in Quebec. But it’s usually a catholic god that Quebecers don’t believe in.

  9. billyjoe says

    “I’m just stunned that Sam Harris is not there in that list”

    Or maybe his absence undercuts your argument. ;)