The ship’s not there any more

On 16 April 1834, the HMS Beagle was beached to inspect the hull for damage (click on that for more detail). The event was noted by this well-known engraving.

Charles Darwin noted the specific latitude and longitude in his notes, so we can actually go to Google maps and find the site, as I did.

I’m just wondering if anyone else would go to the link and zoom in the satellite photo and be vaguely disappointed that the Beagle isn’t there? Jeez, I need more coffee. Or maybe Google Time Machine.


  1. says

    I don’t understand the question: “16th The Ship was laid on shore; it was found that several feet of her false keel were knocked off, but this is no essential damage; one tide was sufficient to repair her & after noon she floated off & was again moored in safety.” Of course it isn’t there any more, they sailed on. The final resting place of the Beagle is believed to be the River Roach in Essex.

  2. says

    Just a minor plug: google VR earth is amazing if you have an oculus rift or a vive. They combine street view textures and satellite height maps and it feels like you are hovering in space a quarter mile in the air, over anyplace.

    It’s $0, which is a steal.

  3. AussieMike says

    There is a street view ‘single’ image when you zoom in that is just like the picture…. almost.

  4. Matt G says

    Yeah, a shame Noah didn’t record the GPS coordinates to make locating the Ark easier.

  5. birgerjohansson says

    I think the incident is mentioned in Terry Pratchett’s The Science of Discworld 3.

  6. jrkrideau says

    @ 1 davidnangle
    Beagles have taken up preaching? Next thing it will be A St. Bernard or worse, a King Charles Spaniel.

    I quail at the thought of what a King Charles Spaniel might preach.

  7. billyjoe says

    Beagles don’t preach. They just put their noses to the ground.
    But chihuahuas…yay…yap…yapyap…yap…pap…on your lap…yap…yap…
    Now there’s a preacher!

  8. unclefrogy says

    well I do not know if beagles are mucu on preaching but I do know from experience that they can bark for a very long time without seeming to get tired nor experience any diminishing in volume. sounds like many preachers to me. often delivering the same message as the beagle as well.
    I do like google earth for understanding insights. the Google view of the Nile says more than the words alone describing Egypt can give.
    uncle frogy

  9. blf says

    It sounds like we have a rather better idea where the remains of the Beagle 2 is (on Mars) then we do of where the remains of the HMS Beagle is (on Earth).

  10. billyjoe says

    We had a beagle for fifteen years. It never disturbed our neighbours. But many times on my way home from work I would see it, nose to the ground and oblivious to everything else.That’s the other thing – they dig. I spent several weekends burying sleepers under the fenceline after the first time he dug himself out. And many more weekends actually beagle proofing it.