Need popcorn, this is going to be better than the original creationist movie

A while back, I attended Eric Hovind’s extravaganza, Genesis: Paradise Lost. I panned it. Now Paulogia has begun a whole video series to take apart the bad science in the movie. This should be good! Here’s the first episode.

He spends some of the time dismantling Charles Jackson, which I also mentioned. Jackson is the guy who proudly announces that he has four degrees, unlike those evolutionists, who typically only have three (I only have two. I am so ashamed.) It was a ridiculous argument, but I guess it passed against the background of so many ridiculous arguments in the movie.


  1. wcorvi says

    Wait a minute – they use STUNNING visual effects and interviews with … SHOW MORE….

    I mean, how can THAT be bad? Stunning visual effects outweigh scientific evidence EVERY TIME!

    Don’t they?

    DON’T they?

  2. Freodin says

    What, only four degrees?

    I have almost 39 degrees!

    But it will soon pass, and a few paracetamol help with the headache, too.

  3. anchor says

    @#1, wcorvi: Due to reckless overuse, ‘stunning’ now means ‘nominally sucks’, no matter what the term is employed to promote..

  4. nomdeplume says

    Well, MR Jackson, I have 5 degrees (2 bachelors, 1 masters, 2 doctorates) all from reputable universities and in relevant fields (evolution, biogeography, archaeology) to this topic. Are you going to accept my expertise? What? No? Well, whodathunk it?

    Leaving aside the foolishness of this man in relation to evolution, it makes me very angry that in claiming “4 degrees”, and pretending that these were from reputable institutions and in relevant disciplines, he devalues my degrees and those of, for example, PZ. I worked bloody hard for my degrees over some 30 years. I resent this man making claims like this.

    But on a positive note – well done Paulogia. I don’t know how he can bear watching all this guff, but his comments are always spot-on and often amusing.

  5. leerudolph says

    I made a brief and thoroughly disheartening search for the details of those “four degrees”; but before I gave up, I did find this, from Mr. Hovind himself. “Dr Charles Jackson is a GENIUS! Seriously. He is a member of Mensa, which means he scores in the 98th percentile for IQ Tests.”

    Well, that settles it. No need to look further!

  6. yknot says

    @#2 Freodin, well I have over 98 degrees, most of the time anyway, but that’s only because I live in a country that uses inflated standards.

    @#7, I agree, but I accept the annoying anime as a cost of getting the good stuff.

  7. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin points out all these degrees — including mine (two) — are what she calls “planar”, or built on both the work of yourselves and others. (Mr Jackson’s are perhaps “point-like”, built on nothing, or possibly even “self-imaginary”.) Hers, however, which you need uncountably-many ℵ’s to count, are “mega” or “lots” or frequently just burp!, are built on almost everything, including stuff she hasn’t discovered yet. But mostly on cheese. Which she eats. Hence the burps.

  8. ashley says

    Or maybe it’s the likes of Terry Mortenson who are doing the brainwashing (against the science that stops SOME people from believing in the other claims of Christianity and the Bible)?

  9. John Harshman says

    I’d be interested to know how many actual scientists have multiple degrees beyond the standard 3 (undergrad, PhD., and non-terminal master’s that you just get for free after the second year of a doctoral program). And if so, why. Scientists who change focus, in my experience, just tend to move into a new field without getting a new formal degree. Like Crick, Delbruck, and others.

  10. Crudely Wrott says

    @3, Anchor:
    I can remember when I upgraded my first IBM clone to CGA four color graphics back in 198mumble. I paid a bit less than $300 for a monitor that promised to display “stunning graphics at 320 x 240 resolution!”.
    I will admit, though, that actual graphs did look better than the ones I programmed using ASCI characters . . .