James O’Brien sees right through them

Hate solves nothing, but as it fails, its proponents can only respond by escalating the hatred.

Just to add the cherry on top, there’s Marco Rubio pretending he hasn’t been bought.

Then the student closed in. “So, Senator Rubio,” he said casually, “can you tell me you won’t be accepting a single penny from the NRA?”

The crowd cheered like it was a slam dunkfest.

“People buy into my agenda,” insisted Rubio, ignoring the public disgust with buying and selling politics.

“So you won’t take more NRA money?” Kasky pressed on.

“That’s the wrong way to look at it,” Rubio said. “People buy into my agenda.”

OK, Rubio, so your agenda aligns with that of a radical terrorist organization, the NRA.


  1. davidnangle says

    Any historians know of any other entire country going so batshit insane? Anywhere throughout time? If not, it would be because their insanity got them erased, of course. But now, the world can’t so easily put the deranged country out of its misery, so it has to somehow regain its hold on reality. The process will involve a lot of pain and loss and blood, I’m afraid.

  2. says

    Rubio sure did demonstrate that he’s a corrupt political asshole. That was his moment to pucker. Unfortunately, anyone who hasn’t already figured he’s an asshole probably never will. He shouldn’t even have a career left at all after the way Trump publicly wiped his ass with him, but I guess republicans are used to shitstains.

  3. says

    He’s so right – “it doesn’t make your life better.”
    The hate-filled lumpenfascists were screwed by the capitalist elite that runs America — they’re the ones who sold their jobs, they’re the ones who are “monetizing” everything from parking to trailer parks, to medicine, to guns. Of course the forces that rule the country are going to keep diverting the lumpenfascists’ attention elsewhere – because if they knew who really screwed them, there would be hell to pay. So: blame the immigrants.

  4. says


    He’s so right – “it doesn’t make your life better.”

    Oh yes, he’s right, but it won’t change them. They keep searching for new targets in their quest to kissupmoremoremore to those in authority, hoping with everything they have, that the authoritarian haters will come to complete power over all. They won’t rest until it’s a nation of hater and subjugated.

  5. Saad says

    Meanwhile, the media is praising him for “showing up”. Imagine this being the case with any other god damn job.

    What is this weird sickness that makes us hold politicians to the lowest possible standards?

  6. Holms says

    #1 Are you trying to get cartomancers in this thread? Cos this is how you get get cartomancers in a thread.

  7. hemidactylus says

    Though I may be a tad against the grain here in that I am not opposed to handguns for personal protection or limited round capacity shotguns for hunting feral hogs (an eco-conservation thing), I am sickened by the callous and extremist NRA and the spineless politicians they own. I am glad that high school students are taking the moral high ground and pushing back hard against our gun nutter society. What point is having an assault weapon unless you are a rabid conspiracist anti-government zealot or someone bent on killing a bunch of people in a sick frenzy of rage? We need to enact some serious gun control measures. That doesn’t mean, to me, banning handguns, shotguns, or all rifles. But maybe limit the number of firearms people can own, the types they can own, etc. Ammo might be tough because people can make some of that themselves, but types of ammo should be on the table.

    If they banned guns altogether that wouldn’t affect me since I don’t own one. But I am not totally opposed to *reasonable* interpretations of the 2nd amendment that don’t entail rights to extensive personal assault arsenals or grenade launchers.

    I never voted for Rubio and sadly Gov Voldemort may oppose Senator Nelson. I think Nelson has been in too long, but prefer him to Rick Scott. I apologize for the political damage my wacky state has caused the rest of the nation. Given the gun wielding tragedies we have had here I would wish our own state legislature could have actually listened to the protesting students and taken action:


    Instead we could have “In God We Trust” displays on Florida public school buildings:


    And people are actually thinking arming teachers is a “solution”? So if a student wants access to a gun they merely need overpower a distracted teacher. Or a teacher accidentally shoots innocent students in a threatening situation because of poor firearm training and unclear rules of engagement. Maybe the gun toting teacher has a meltdown and has their gun handy.

  8. says

    @12 Yeah.. Thing is, I just don’t see it. The NRA are also the ones claiming that there is the legit reason for everyone to have “guns for protection”. This, to me, makes every bloody suggestion that this is the case, along with every supposed “study” they trot out on the subject, hugely suspect. This would be the case even if, on reviewing the sort of nonsense they trot out as examples, most of them are cases where the gun made no difference at all, the person with it had no effect on the outcome, or the person shot was invariably already surrendering, or worse. In short – they trot out a list of BS cases where a gun was “present”, and therefor we are supposed to presume it was “necessary” to the outcome. Oh, sure, they have their list of cases where it did help, but.. again, no actual evidence that either a) the existence of guns in the situation didn’t make things worse, or b) some other solution might have been possible. Its just assumed that the gun(s) made the situation better.

    When you compound this with countries with *very* strict standards for ownership, which haven’t turned into some sort of terrible place where everyone is endangered, or even our own countries history, like the old west, where “in” the freaking west nearly every city had a, “No guns on your person inside city limits!”, rule, I just don’t see why the F we bloody need to keep them at all. The older I get, the more people dead, the less sensible the arguments for how they “protect people”, instead of just being used by damn near everyone that owns them to commit crimes, or wave them around like they bought a new hat, and think everyone gives a damn, basically *every* freaking purpose other than self defense, for which they are worthless if someone is too close, you can’t get to it, you don’t have it loaded, or worse, you do, its available, and the wrong freaking person gets their hands on it.

    I just don’t see the purpose, anymore, or defending *any* right to the damn things that doesn’t place them locked in a safe, in a firing range, or otherwise safely someplace where random grief, anger, greed, stupidity, or just plain ignorance of the danger they pose, will end up killing people. And, only freaking conspiracy theory, anti-government, nut jobs, are, I would hope, actually stupid enough to think, “But… I need to defend myself against foreign invaders, or my own government.” Because *any* gun is going to be so terribly freaking useful against people that can just drop a city killer on you, from a distance, if they really intended to get rid of you.

    But, yep, arming teachers is definitely a whole nother level of f-ing crazy.

  9. KG says

    The hate-filled lumpenfascists were screwed by the capitalist elite that runs America – Marcus Ranum@3

    True – but no excuse for the “hate-filled lumpenfascists”. There are plenty of people in the samer position who have not become “hate-filled lumpenfascists”.