Why am I seeing this everywhere?

It’s odd. Suddenly, in social media and email, I’m seeing this little cartoon everywhere.

Why does Trent Reznor have a reputation for ruining Christmas? I had Nine Inch Nails cranked up on the stereo all weekend — I’m home alone, and it’s great music for grading. I’m in the godless Christmas spirit already!

Also, I found Nine Inch Nöels. Finally, some good Christmas carols.

Definitely not safe for work, though.


  1. nomadiq says

    That doesn’t look anything like Trent Reznor in that cartoon!

    ‘Terrible Lie!’ – doo doo – di di – di di – doo doo

  2. mod prime says

    I’m all alone in a world you must despise
    (Hey god) I believed the promises, your promises and lies

    You had all of them on your side didn’t you?
    You believe in all your lies didn’t you?
    The ruiner’s got a lot to prove he’s got nothing to lose and now he
    Made you believe
    The ruiner’s your only friend well he’s the living end to the cattle
    He deceives