1. methuseus says

    Overall, I liked this video. It’s all very interesting. As for production quality, it’s better than a lot of them. I can think of a few channels that I think have better production quality, but every one has making YouTube videos as it’s main focus, whereas you are a professor first and foremost (at least as far as I understand it).

    I only have one little nitpick. You almost sound bored in the beginning which made it a little harder to pay attention until at around a minute or so you sound more exciting and engaging. Other than the very beginning, your voice is engaging and instructive.

    Thank you for this, and I will be showing this to my elementary-aged son who is fascinated by these things as well. The Cthulhu comment will go right over his head until he decides to (possibly) read some horror literature.

  2. Callinectes says

    Do we know that pterosaurs had egg teeth, like the reconstructions in the last image?

  3. anxionnat says

    Very nice video. I’m a birder and I have a birder friend who has been all over the world watching birds. I teased her a little while ago that if Pterosaurs had survived til the present she’d be going all over the world to watch them as well. She agreed. I love Pterosaurs, and have several books on them. The video is gravy. Thanks!

  4. Mak, acolyte to Farore says

    Coming off the heels of Hurricane Irma, I can’t help wondering what kind of storm it’d take to create that kind of a mess, and what it must’ve been like to experience it.