Who has the oldest blog on Freethoughtblogs?

It’s not this one — Pharyngula was fired up on 2003. I suspect it’s got to be The Bolingbrook Babbler, which turned 19 yesterday. I’d offer him a celebratory drink, but he’s not old enough yet. We’re all still babies around here.


  1. says

    Legal drinking age in most of Canada is 19, with a couple of provinces using 18, so it would be legal for The Bolingbrook Babbler to drink here.

  2. Cuttlefish says

    Technically, the oldest Freethought Blogs blog is mine. I began posting a few days before FtB went live, and you and Ed waited until we were official. You mean the oldest blog that transferred here. In which case, nearly everyone’s is older than mine. And I’ll just shut up now.

  3. JohnnieCanuck says

    Residents of Canada get to drink legally at 19. The bad news is that’s also when they are learning to drive. The good news is, the medical care costs won’t bankrupt the ‘accident’ victims. Better news is that drunk driving is down compared to my formative years. Finally, if you drink your liver to death, you may be able to get a transplant and not even see a bill.

    Man did BC have some weird liquor laws. Those hotel beer halls were some kind of awful. Little round tables the waiters loved to fill with four or five glasses per person.