What happened to Scienceblogs?

Greg Laden has some answers — there are a few things he mentions that I did not know about.

Also, he’s got a list of where some of the old scienceblogs sites have moved to. I’ve pulled those urls out and put them on the blogroll on the sidebar to the left, under the category “Scienceblogs Diaspora”. Don’t forget them, the network may have vanished into the æther, but the authors are still tap-tap-tapping away!


  1. birgerjohansson says

    “Scienceblogs Diaspora”.
    FYI, it is very far down to the left.
    Scroll as far down as you can.
    — — —
    BTW I would recommend you try Aardvarchaeology, it is a good antidote against old far-right myths about indo-european peoples, as well as an antidote to mysticism-influenced views of old civilizations.
    They were just as smart as we are, but with a poor material culture (and slaves. Don’t forget the slaves. People have been absolute bastards from the very start.)