1. Erp says

    Certainly convoluted wording. It seems they were Presbyterian missionaries from New England. By ‘civilized’ the writer presumably means a Christian religious ceremony. Odd given that the original New England Puritans, who were Presbyterians, did not have religious marriage ceremonies.

    I located a description of the wedding in 1838
    Religious in nature though no mention of any government paperwork. Given that the fort had been there for nearly 20 years, I’m surprised there had been no previous marriages between people of mostly European descent (or had they only been non-religious marriages hence ‘non-civilized’?). Interestingly enough one of the people likely partaking in some of the feasting after (even if just the left-overs) was Dred Scott whose then owner was present at the actual ceremony (at least according to this source); he might have had different thoughts on ‘civilized’.

  2. Doctor Fejwol says

    It’s even weird geographically. ‘Within the present borders of Minneapolis’… ‘in Bloomington.’