InfoWars is afraid

That young lady who impudently scorned the InfoWars hack has done us a service. She’s shown us how to properly treat liars and nutjobs: cuss ’em out, flip ’em off, and walk away. They don’t deserve more.

Alex Jones brought on Owen Shryer, the hack, who whines about how he’s never been attacked so viciously, how he needs comforting because he’s so distressed…so he turns to reading scripture to console himself. Meanwhile, Jones is making funny voices to mock the girl, who is now, in his head, some kind of gun-running mobster leading an antifa army. It’s pathetic. It is pitiful hand-wringing. It shows how easy it is to make the InfoWars crew cry.

Make them cry more often.


  1. Steve Bruce says

    Ooh that girl is such a regressive leftist! Instead of debating and convincing him she abused him and ran away. Typical freeze peach killing SJW!

  2. nomadiq says

    The pearl-clutching is pathetic. Young girl uses a four letter word and they must consult their bible. But they claim Sandy Hook was a false flag operation and they are doing gods work?

  3. Snarki, child of Loki says

    Wow, those delicate snowflakes of the Alte Reich had to retreat to their safe spaces, in the face of the little girl onslaught.

    More, please.

  4. Mark Dowd says

    Crocodile tears. I don’t buy for a minute that those heartless fuckers felt anything. Just the usual hyping of the Boogeyman (or woman, as the care may be).

  5. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    His whine also misreports the incident where he shoves a mic in her face and asks a stupid question with the misgendered pronoun, then claims she ran up to him and insulted him with the f-bomb.
    Lies, as always from war-against-info, why am I not surprized [sic]

  6. borax says

    Owen Shryer has a point. We should avoid swear words. I kindly invite Owen to intercourse himself with a sequoia cactus.I’m so sick of today’s casual use of vulgarity.

  7. blf says

    That would be exceptionally cruel to both the cactus and the Vogons, whose poetic usage of similar metaphors is also not meant to be taken metaphorically.

  8. Danny Husar says

    In America there is a weird conspiracy sub-culture that in places crosses over into fringe conservatism and less-fringe Trumpism. I used to drive around late night and I usually had Coast-to-Coast on because I found it fascinating. It was almost like a group of people were creating a story together – each caller and the host adding a tiny piece, or riffing on an existing concept. Conspiracies relating to JFK assassination, 9/11, Moon landing, chem-trails, Roswell, and aliens were mixed in with remote viewing, psychics, paranormal and inter-dimensional entities and were woven together into a single rich story that was almost consistent (as long as you didn’t look too closely at the details). It was fascinating. Info Wars comes out of that sub-culture and it is a little scary how influential they are in mainstream politics now. They do make-up a core of whatever is Trumpism.

  9. microraptor says

    In somewhat related conspiracy theory news, the investigation of the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon ended this week, with the conclusion that the gunman was working alone. Some of you may remember that the county sheriff, John Hanlin, thought that the Sandy Hook massacre was an inside job.

  10. Snarki, child of Loki says

    “Some of you may remember that the county sheriff, John Hanlin, thought that the Sandy Hook massacre was an inside job.”

    Kindergarten kids are objectively terrorists, it’s true. But you can negotiate with them, unlike the kids of the Toddler Terrorist Brigade.

  11. Walter Solomon says

    Alex Jones has already admitted in court this awful InfoWars shit is an act. He lost custody of his children regardless apparently.

    If was telling the truth in court, that could mean he’s an even worse person in his personal life.

  12. unclefrogy says

    the success of info wars is due to the proliferation of media outlets.
    Most bars used to have had some hateful loony who would spout off his garbage at the drop of a hat now with the proliferation and democratization of media outlets it is possible it seems for anyone to say just about any fucking thing they want and find enough people around the world to constitute a viable audience on which to cash in.
    With the main motive being delivering eyeballs to advertisers to make the money these sensational clowns bleed over into what passes for mainstream media as well. kind of depressing when I stop to think about
    uncle frogy

  13. robro says

    Perhaps they should try some of Alex’s magic woo sauce to give themselves strength. It’s guaranteed to work.

  14. ck, the Irate Lump says

    He’s still trying to insist that he said “young ma’am”? It would be less awkward to just admit to misspeaking than to pretend you meant to say something so ridiculous.

  15. tbtabby says

    Cmon, Alex, show some backbone! If you can’t even handle one little girl saying a naughty word, how are you going to stand up to Obama’s reptilian UN shocktroopers when they bust down your door to take your guns and vitamins and vaccinate you to make you autistic and put you in a Hobbit Home?

  16. blf says

    How many segments have they run about how they were totally not owned by a child now?

    Try are trying to count: Ah, ah, er… one? Yabba-dabba-do! Onnnnnnne! Um, toe! And, and, plus, ah, money? No, many! Nein? Eeeeeh, ja mein führer, lots! Lots lots lots!! Wheeee! Lots!!!!!

  17. Artor says

    Walter Solomon @14, that is incorrect. Jones’s lawyer said his raving lunatic persona is an act, but Jones himself doubled down and insisted it’s not, and that’s his genuine personality. I’m inclined to take Jones at his word in this case.

  18. hawkerhurricane says

    Borat @ 9
    “sequoia cactus”
    I am now picturing a cactus that is hundreds of feet tall…
    With Owen Shryer on the top like a yuletide angel.

  19. shadow says

    @22: Brain bleach, please.

    When is that 12 yo girl getting her own vlog? She could then go off on Infosnores as much as she wants to give them the sads. FWIW, she was perfectly justified in her description of the “journalist”. He IS a fecking idiot.