Friday Cephalopod: Tomorrow is an open house at MBARI, and I have to miss it

You Californians have no excuse. Go to the coast and stop by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and see the Vampyroteuthis.

Oh, wait, that’s the fake inflatable one. I don’t think you’ll get to dive down into the deep dark and see a real one. You might not want to.


  1. Larry says

    I thought it sounded cool until read that the public won’t be allowed onboard either of the two boats. Boo!

    I also realized that the place is probably going to be swarming with the spawn of other people. You aren’t going to be able to move with possibly knocking over little Timmy or precocious Amber. No, I think I’ll pass on this and stay at home watching old Jacques Cousteau videos.