1. jrkrideau says

    Uh, anyone tell me were the bible says one man, one woman?
    Last I heard the Bible said Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.
    I assume she can quote a later authority?

  2. blf says

    [… A]nyone tell me were the bible says one man, one woman?

    Book of Madeups CCLXII 6733:885, “And the faerie said she prefers the maidservant, before falling over into the dregs of wine”. Since the magic sky faerie didn’t identify as male, this clearly (amen!) means one priest, lots of under-aged children. Slaves, for preference.

  3. blf says

    Georgia special election candidate says journalism has fueled lack of civility:

    Republican Karen Handel spoke about social media and anger from the left in race that’s drawn national attention as a referendum on the Trump presidency
    Speaking to the Guardian before a lunchtime event in Marietta on Monday, Karen Handel said a lack of civility in society was fueled by social media and the fact that journalism is not journalism anymore.

    It’s tabloid. It’s 24/7 news — people get in the middle of a news cycle for 24 hours off of things that previously would never have gotten the kind of coverage that is happening.

    In response to a quizzical follow-up — “So you point the fingers at the journalism, then?” — Handel said: No, don’t put words in my mouth, Ben.[†]

    I had a very broad sentence. See, this is exactly what happens and why things are really broken. You don’t listen and you put words in people’s mouth.

    The Guardian said: “I was trying to clarify.”

    Handel responded: No, you really weren’t. But what I said was the following: there is a lack of civility in society as a whole, social media has been fueling it, journalism has been fueling it.


    What she means is very probably something like How dare you disgusting piece of slime question me! Off with your head!! Everything I imagine & don’t like is your fault!!!

      † The Grauniad’s reporter is Ben Jacobs, who was the reporter criminally assaulted by Greg Gianforte for asking a question.

  4. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    Not to derail…. oops
    The single instance of -45 allowing his autocorrect twitter to work made him Yweet about the GOP candidate “Ms Handle” which his team untweeted within a few hours.
    Last night Trevor Noah noted that Ossof is young enough to still recognize his adolescent nickname of “J-Off” 😉 While Handel lives by hers of “can’t Handle gays”.
    Tried phone banking for Ossoff yesterday, mostly got only voicemail option. The two voices I got had already voted in early ballot FOR Ossoff😀
    Still on knife’s edge. Here’s hoping. Good luck Ossoff (stick it to the GOP) 🖖🖕👍👍👍

  5. robro says

    blf @ #5 — I might tend to agree with her, although I don’t think it’s “journalism” so much as propaganda. The source of a lot of vile discourse in America (and the world) is the tabloid, 24/7 style news entertainment cum propaganda as produced by the likes of CNN and Fox, with Fox (and it’s various spin offs) being the most vicious of the lot. Much of the rest is equally as bad, if somewhat tamer in their rhetoric. I certainly would not agree with her that it’s “anger from the left,” or not just anger from the left. A big part of it is anger from the rich right, from the white right, from the MRA bro right, from the evangelical right that keeps bringing up killing people for disagreeing with their vision of America.

  6. says

    I wish the interviewer had followed up more about her beliefs vs. what she wants to put into law.

    OK, she doesn’t think gay marriage is right because she’s a Christian. But how does it follow that therefore the government should ban gay marriage? Does she think all non-Christian things should be outlawed?

  7. Chuck Stanley says

    And Democrats continue to lose. Despite hyping it beyond belief and spending a fortune.

  8. HawkAtreides says

    Yes, Handel won, but by the smallest margin in 25 years; specifically, she won by about 4 percentage points where the smallest margin of success in the 25 years prior was 16 – that is, she won by a quarter of the worst margin the GOP has had in two and a half decades in that district. There are a lot of districts in Georgia that are far more competitive, that weren’t gerrymandered specifically to be safe for the GOP, and where Democrats still run on the regular. Immediately predicting a continuance of the status quo doesn’t help anything.