The most punchable face in America

Richard Spencer gets interviewed.

I personally have no desire to punch anyone, but when this guy smirks and sniggers I have nothing but sympathy for those in his presence who just feel a need to reach out and smack him one. Charles Barkley and Gerald Griggs are to be commended for their restraint.

I searched YouTube for a clip of this interview, which was a scarring experience. First one I stumbled across was by someone calling himself “Atheism-Is-Unstoppable”, which meant, as you might guess that the video was a horror show, with “A-I-U” covering it over with his idiot commentary consisting mostly of asserting that America is a white nation. I finally found this short clip which doesn’t include any commentary by the uploader.

You definitely do not want to read any of the comments, unless you’re looking for confirmation that YouTube has been overrun with racist assholes.


  1. Alt-X says

    YouTube comments are a shit stain on humanity. Reading the pure HATE towards the new Star Trek show (its all SJW’s fault!) coming out because it DARES to have a female of colour as the Captain. It’s weird how these peoples masculinity seems to only exists if every show is filled with only men, it’s almost like some twisted homoerotic fetish.

  2. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    What cognitive dissonance. Like “good things” is bad? Not a racist just likes POWER. What a shtstain. Everything he said was contradiction. The people trying to talk with him were remarkably restrained. Ptui.

  3. Zmidponk says

    What really strikes me about that, speaking as a white person, is that what Spencer sees as a severe problem, I simply don’t. The trajectory is of more diversity, and white people being less dominant. OK, and…? How is that a problem? Unless you believe every other racial group, without exception, will conspire together to oppress white people in the same way white people have oppressed others for the past few centuries, in the US, there is not even a slight risk of white people losing enough dominance to be oppressed or actually discriminated against for quite some considerable time – and that is assuming that white people will be discriminated against and oppressed as the second largest single racial group, instead of the largest, by quite a considerable margin, as is currently the case.

  4. wzrd1 says

    @Zmidponk, as 72.4% of the US population, per the last census, I have no clue how my demographic (despite having ICE agents questioning my nationality not all that long ago) is to magically lose its majority.
    Maybe it’s “That Old Black Magic”. Oh wait, that’s a fun song, not reality.*

    *Work with me a little. Foul mood over a power failure resulting in my alarm clock failing, no coffee yet and I’m pretty sure my lunch is sitting happily on the kitchen table – and I’m at work.
    Upside, despite a shitty neighborhood, I’m only four miles from home.

  5. laurentweppe says

    The trajectory is of more diversity, and white people being less dominant. OK, and…? How is that a problem?

    It’s a problem for the many mediocre little white dudes who owes their social status to the discriminations suffered by those who are smarter and more hardworking than them.

    In a purely meritocratic system, most right-wing white petit-bourgeois would be forcefully dragged below their current station in life: they know it, they hate it, and they’ll do all they can to forcefully keep as many POCs as possible in poverty and subservient positions

  6. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    Spencer said with disgust in his voice, I may someday become part of a minority.
    To which I reply,

    okay, tell why it’s so bad to be in the minority?
    – The way you treat minorities, maybe?
    – So why not make it so minorities have the same rights as the majority? The only “difference” (which you are so obsessed with) being the population being smaller than the majority, with all having the same set of rights?
    Why is that so bad?
    – Do you really think that to recognize someone else rights is to diminish your set of rights?
    – Oh yeah, you don’t want rights per se, you only want the “right” to dominate (aka “power”) over minorities.
    I see why you would think that was good for you, think about everyone doing that to everybody. Doubt it will work out quite as “good” in that case.

    what a douche. now I see what motivated that punch-in-the-face that made him viral.

  7. cvoinescu says

    Being in a minority does not imply advantages or disadvantages. Not a lot of people complain of being in the small minority of people with assets over $10m, for example.

    I see fear of becoming a minority as projection. You basically acknowledge you’re an opressor now, and want that to continue.

  8. Mobius says

    I agree, he makes you want to reach out and smack him up side the head. The rhetoric is bad enough, but that smirk-y grin just makes it worse.

  9. lanir says

    He’s a bit late. He’s already in the minority and he knows it. So does every racist jackass whose reaction to being labelled a racist is basically “Get that off of me, I don’t want it!” It’s a tacit admission that their entire ideology is a bunch of ugly, self-serving nonsense that does nothing but hurt people.

    Spreading this sort of thing far and wide is a public service. The only thing I didn’t see in there that I’d have liked was them asking him what a racist was after he claimed not to be one. And asking him to reconcile his obvious view that he was superior with the idea that he needs to be propped up and get special treatment to come out ahead. Both those may be in a more extended interview but I’m not sure I want to watch more ugly nonsense today.

  10. dutchmama says

    Dr. Harron recently wrote on AMS Blogs about the lack of diversity in academia. She’s been in a 4 day shitstorm from these people. I guess white (men) deserve to be supreme because whiteness uber alles. I’m so enraged, I’d better not see a nazi in real life today. Shameless plug: please support Dr. Piper Harron by googling and clicking on the non-racist results, the shit is creeping up the list.

  11. mnb0 says

    If you punch Richard Spencer in his face, can I set Geert Wilders’ hair on fire?

  12. robro says

    56 seconds. I done great. But I think I’m a bigot because I hate stupid white men belching self-serving excuses for racism. The rhetoric hasn’t changed a bit since I was kid growing up in Florida and Georgia.

  13. chigau (違う) says

    I am with the two guys on either side
    they looked puzzled
    ” .., is his guy for real????..”

  14. says

    PZ, the uploader of the video you linked is a Nazi. Read the video description and his channel description. It may be a bad idea to direct traffic towards his videos.

  15. chigau (違う) says

    If you really wanted PZ to do something, you’d send him an email.
    {sorry PZ}

  16. archangelospumoni says

    Maybe it’s just correlation in lieu of causation, but ever since Drumpfh was more nationally prominent, these evil humanoid beings aren’t hidden as much. They have been with us for decades and centuries, but Drumpfh has either allowed or enabled or encouraged them to be more public like this Spencer vermin.

    Where did I go wrong here? More racist POS beings since Drumpfh or are they simply more public?

    Moving on . . . got moved up to NW Washington State in the ’60s and even when my mother’s dementia was BAD, I was still thanking her for Mom and Dad having moved us AWAY from the Tejas panhandle, a truly rotten, filthy, ugly, barren, polluted, backward, stinking, racist, fetid, oozing, nasty, repugnant place. Thanks be to God and the parents I did NOT stay there, as this Spencer humanoid would have fit in just fine where I lived.

  17. methuseus says

    You can watch this show on demand through most cable providers, possibly satellite providers as well. If you have access to any of those, you don’t direct traffic to the repugnant YouTuber’s stream.

    If you do go that route, it appears to be a little more than halfway through the fourth (and last) episode of the miniseries.

    I am a white man, and I at one time had questions about things like affirmative action. Yes, some black man or woman may have been chosen ahead of me for reasons of affirmative action in my life. Most likely that person was also a harder worker than I was at that time, so, even without affirmative action, that person would have deserved what they achieved more than I would have deserved it. Once I realized that, things changed in my brain regarding race relations.

    Maybe Affirmative Action isn’t the best way to achieve equality, but we have to do something. Otherwise the racist assholes that govern hiring, or school entry, or any of those other things will never change and will always think of black men as “thugs” and the like. Being better at things is never enough for them. I have experienced this myself since I’m a white man who came from a lower income family with no network of influence. I know I still have it better than an overachieving black person with a network of contacts in the US. I cannot even imagine what they have to go through every day. I’ve read the stories, I’ve seen how often Chris Rock and other black celebrities get pulled over by cops. I can read or hear about it, but I still cannot imagine it.

    Yes, there are minority people who would act just as badly as white people have if they were given majority power. However, I think there are many more who would just want to get along and would not insist on having that power over others. I don’t know why “white power” (as I think of it) is so pervasive in white people, but I really hate it.

  18. lotharloo says

    Richard Spencer is also a massive dumbass. He does not say anything even remotely intelligent. He could not even come up with any incoherent words in response on “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”. This is a point worth repeating since a lot of this obvious right-wing trolls are being touted as “intellectuals” and even the opposition sometimes treat them as intellectuals.

    I’ve said it before but I think the best strategy against Trump would have been to magnify his incompetence more prominently than his racism or sexism. There are a lot of people who would have voted and who have voted for a sexist or a racist but nobody will vote for an incompetent idiot. Trump’s racist voters voted for him because they thought he would be a competent person.

  19. nelliebly says

    @Derek Vandivere

    Good, gyms are awful enough without also being Nazi infested – although with distressing predictability it now seems that Prof Fair is now getting abuse from the delicate fashy snowflakes.

  20. Jeremy Shaffer says

    I personally have no desire to punch anyone, but when this guy smirks and sniggers I have nothing but sympathy for those in his presence who just feel a need to reach out and smack him one.

    You know, in all the furor a few months ago when Spencer was punched by someone in Antifa and the whole “Is it okay to punch a Nazi*” debate was in full steam, I still say the more important thing that happened in that event was overlooked. If you go back and watch the clip of Spencer getting punched, resist the urge to do so on a loop and let it play out. You’ll notice that the man runs away so fast that in the few seconds it takes for the camera to turn back to him Spencer’s already halfway down the block**. At the smallest obstacle, we saw the “mighty white man” fold. Hard. That’s what should be focused on: these people are ultimately cowards. So much so they can’t even face reality as it is, and must retreat into fantasy. For all they claim to be superior, the only way for that to show out is for everyone else to be severely handicapped.

    In a lot of ways, this interview was evidence of that as well. Yes, Spencer was smirky and insufferable in this video as he always is, but if you watch interviews with him where he doesn’t get push back (like the recent one he did with Roaming Millennial) or he knows he’s in friendly waters, it’s 100x worse. He is, I think by nature, a smarmy twit with a vastly over-inflated sense of his own cleverness and intellect, but when he’s in the presence of someone who might be able to counter him in the slightest, he quickly shrinks under the weight of reality.

    * I say “Yes; yes it is” but feel free to disagree with me.
    ** No confirmation on the presence of a piss trail behind him, but I like to believe there was.

  21. EwgB says

    Should I consider the fact that I can’t watch the video from my country a blessing?