1. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    I am so frustrated being so distant from joining the Sioux at Standing Rock to protect our water and opposing DAPL.
    apologies for using words only, as words are not actions, and only actions make a difference. fuuuuuhh…

  2. says

    I am so frustrated being so distant from joining the Sioux

    The Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota oyate. And, the oyate from hundreds of other nations, all of which have a name. We aren’t your generic Indians, dude.

  3. shadow says

    If I was that up armored “Peace Officer” I’d be extremely worried. If looks could maim, he’d be in a box.

  4. Akira MacKenzie says

    I wouldn’t be able to do that for very long without laughing or cracking some smartass remark.

    “You really ought to trim your nose hairs.”
    “Is that your assault rifle, or are you happy to see me?”
    “So… Did you see the game last night?”
    “You’ve got a spot on your visor.”

  5. rietpluim says

    Caine – Not to stir up a debate, but the media in The Netherlands often refer to the protectors as Sioux, so like slithey tove I had the impression it is an appropriate name. Your comment made me realize I know next to nothing about the indigenous people of America. Could you point to some books or websites please? I’d like to learn better.

  6. Derek Vandivere says

    #riet: if you’re in Amsterdam I have some books on native american history you could borrow if you like.

  7. =8)-DX says

    So the photo isn’t Standing Rock? Shouldn’t there be a correction to the OP?
    Otherwise: yes, she is fierce and should resist!

  8. komarov says

    No matter where that photo is from, I’m not betting on that cyborg. Well, maybe, if there’s an integrated plasma cannon somehwere off-camera. Are those standard issue for protests yet? By the way, that helmet lacks heavy filters to protect the wearer against the glare he’s facing in that picture. An obvious design flaw, really. At least it should contain the explosion nicely when the head finally bursts from the intensity.

    And I’d hate having to face the ‘borgs admirable opponent.

  9. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    re 15:
    nota bene the OP:
    Standing Rock. Soon to be Everywhere (emphasis added)
    The military is moving in, again, to drag the Protectors away from their land they are protecting from oil ruining the water. ugh
    I am so frustrated. I want to join in the protection, even if I would be arrested, as a way to support the protectors and help clog up the onslaught, even marginally. Just to add in, this is more than just water protection, nor plain opposition to pipelines. Rather than clog the thread, I’ll go bang a wall. shit

  10. pipefighter says

    @16 I think it’s funny that even the soldier in the photo thought the whole thing was bull shit.

  11. methuseus says

    I honestly thought the shot was from a video game when I saw it small-size on my feed. It just shows how sheltered my life has been, I guess.

  12. neroden says

    Easy enough to try this sort of stuff against a low-population, remote Native American reservation with a large imported army and the support of a racist governor.

    Harder in 1973 Chile. But Pinochet’s coup depended on the alliance between the Christian Democrats and the National Party (a very similar dynamic to the one which brought Hitler to power in Germany). It also required conditions where there were protests over the cost of food and fuel, and an economic collapse (again similar to Hitler) — in this case due mostly to a crash in the price of copper in an economy largely dependent on copper exports. There was massive CIA propaganda and financial support on top of that. It also required the assassination of General Schneider and the resignation of General Prats. Finally, Pinochet managed to pretend to remain loyal to Allende until after the coup was accomplished.

    Even with smart generals and a pretty competent military which was mostly loyal to Pinochet, and constant support from the cirminal US government, Pinochet was always weak. He pushed through a probably-fraudulent constitutional referendum in 1980; but he was abandoned by the military and after throwing a plebiscite in 1988 and losing, he gave up.

    When they try this sort of stuff in high-population New York, LA, and Chicago, and they have, the pushback has been growing by the year, and is now present in mayoral offices and statehouses. Soon it will to be impossible for the thugs to actually accomplish anything by trying this sort of stuff in the major cities. Remember that the August Coup plotters who overthrew Gorbachev sent tanks into Moscow in 1991, Boris Yeltsin stood up on the Russian White House, and by December the USSR was gone.