1. dick says

    At what stage do they start eating each other?

    (An Informative commentary would’ve been nice.)

  2. dick says

    Okay, so a link with detailed info might become available in about a week from when this was produced? first aired? or whenever? Meanwhile, my world will have moved on. Too bad.

  3. unclefrogy says

    OK I am a little out of it but if the link comes out in a week is that from the date shown at the end October 31 2017?

  4. zetopan says

    “… they’ve been making cephalopods for millions of years.”
    While your statement is correct, the link shows a cephalopod that is “only” 165 MY old. I have multiple fossil nautiloids in a single stone plate from North Africa that are 375 MY old.

  5. WhiteHatLurker says

    Oh, come on folks, somebody should be able to extend that date by a good 50M-100M years. What’s your oldest fossil cephalopod?