1. rietpluim says

    That’s one courageous young lady, and her message is so clear and simple that everybody can understand it. Damn, my neighbor has Down syndrome and understands it perfectly. Why don’t all people?

  2. Saad says

    America is beyond the “are we the baddies?” stage.

    If white Americans saw a nine-year old girl from another country bawling her eyes out about the injustice her people face, they would automatically sympathize with her and criticize the government for being oppressive. I hope the entire world is doing the same about Zianna.

  3. qwints says

    Saas, I fear you’re giving Americans too much credit for empathy. The Anwar Burqan incident in August got zero coverage here. (an Israeli soldier in Hebron destroyed an 8 year old’s bike out of spite)