1. dick says

    Here in Ottawa, in May each year, we have the Tulip Festival, with over a million tulips. This all came about thanks to the Dutch royal family being grateful for our hospitality during WW2, plus our troops helping to liberate the Netherlands from occupation.

  2. Derek Vandivere says

    #4 / Dick: Amateurs. (I live in Amsterdam (: )

    Fun fact: the multi-colors come from a virus.

  3. quotetheunquote says

    Wow. I am not usually impressed by cultivated beauty, but that is impressive. (The red really does evoke a maple leaf, a bit.)

  4. Vicki, duly vaccinated tool of the feminist conspiracy says

    Vive Canada!

    If you think Canada is always modest and self-effacing, I suggest a visit to Montreal in festival season, which is most of the year.

  5. numerobis says

    Montreal in festival season, which is most of the year

    It’s true! We celebrate all the warmish-to-steaming-hot parts of the year, plus the coldest part. There’s not many festivals in October and November, nor in March and April.

    I’m not sure what effect global warming will have. Last winter lacked snow and cold, which made things like igloofest a bit anticlimactic.