I may have to rethink my disbelief in a beneficent god

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Finally, a germ of evidence: a “flood of near Biblical proportions” has destroyed the home of…Tony Perkins. It’s almost believable, except that this would be practically the first time God actually smote a deserving target.

I might have to do some serious soul-searching (first, I’d have to find my soul) if this god were to destroy the entire Patriarchy Research Council.

If you’re concerned about other flood victims, go here to find out how to help.


  1. Ragutis says

    Couldn’t have happened to *ahem* a nicer guy.

    On a serious note though, what’s happening in Louisiana is a tragedy. If you can, people, give a few bucks to Red Cross or another org that is helping those displaced and affected that aren’t millionaire bigots.

  2. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    first, I’d have to find my soul

    I’ll send Inspector Cluckseau after it. Maybe in forty years, he might faintly begin to suspect the Trophy Wife has possession of it.

  3. Akira MacKenzie says

    It only goes to show just how horrible and sinful Teh Gheys truly are if their filthy queer-mo-sexuality can cancel out Mr. Perkins’ holiness!

  4. magistramarla says

    Or give blood! I heard on the news today that the blood bank near where we live in Texas has shipped as much O neg blood that they could spare to Louisiana and they were begging people to donate. Then my husband came home with a stretchy bandage around his arm. The hospital where he donates blood (O neg) had called him in today.
    Sadly, Perkins will collect insurance and be able to rebuild. As usual, it will be the poor people who will suffer.

  5. moelarryandjesus says

    Poor Tony won’t be able to replace his prized collection of photographs of chicken assholes. Most of those chickens are dead.

  6. Ragutis says

    Sadly, Perkins will collect insurance and be able to rebuild. As usual, it will be the poor people who will suffer.

    IIRC, on the news this evening they said only 12% of those affected appear to have had flood insurance. Essentially only those required to as part of their mortgage agreement.

  7. Crudely Wrott, lurching towards recrudescence says

    Biblical proportions, Tony?
    Where is your sense of proportion?
    Can you appreciate the difference between a puddle the size of a few parishes in a small state in a single country and the mythical flood of the Bible Stories?
    Do you know the difference between an on-running toilet and the Amazon River?
    While human suffering on any scale is tragic I get the impression that a flood that affects you is larger than a flood that inundates THE WHOLE WORLD.
    This sheds revealing light on your priorities, your global awareness, your sense of history and your faux compassion as well as your level of comprehension, biblical or otherwise.

    Sorry about your house, kid. Good thing you have the “resources” to rebuild. Perhaps atop chicken legs?

  8. wzrd1 says

    Well, I’ve always been able to find my sole. That’s close enough for me. :)

    I’ve had people asking my wife and I if we’ve had problems with flooding for this entire week. Geography really needs to be taught better in our schools, as we’re in the NW part of Louisiana. We’ve had rain, increasing amounts of it, but no flooding thus far. The forecast here is rain for the rest of the week, into next week.
    At this rate, for 40 days and 40 nights.
    As long as it stays at the intermittent rain level and amounts we’ve been having, the waterways will carry it south. To part of the flood zone… :/
    Besides, we had our epic flooding during the spring, with a century flood followed by a thousand year flood (at least, that’s what the claim being made was and I have no reason to dispute the claim). In that, we still stayed dry, but people that I work with were evacuated and their homes did flood.
    But then, that’s what I get for actually researching flooding history of the area I’m considering moving to, selecting accordingly. :)

    Mental note: Check with local ARC, see if they could use a unit or two of O Pos.

  9. Intaglio says

    Peter Sinclair over at Climate Crocks seems to have the right of it, He calls the comparative silence of the news organisations about these floods the “Katrina Syndrome: the victims were poor and many dark skinned, no proximity to New York.”

  10. Pierce R. Butler says

    Tony Perkins has had a full-time job in D.C. for decades – I woulda thought he’s shaken the bayou mud off his penny loafers long ago.

    Perhaps he wants to keep one foot, &/or voting rights, in Louisiana for possible future office-seeking: Washington may not be corrupt enough for his needs.

  11. blf says

    His entry at the Encyclopedia of American Loons is a joy to behold, starting with the introduction — “Tony Perkins is the clinically insane, unhingedly despicable president of the Family Research Council […]. He also runs the Christian audio streaming site Lightsource.com, which […] offer hateful bigotry in return for donations” — through such snippets such as “the courts constitute a greater threat to America than the terrorists” and “gays are committing terrorism against the legal system” as are people supporting separation of state and church (so there you have it, poopyhead’s a terrorist!), and on to the end of the comments.

    (And yeah, that is a long sentence-paragraph!)

  12. Silver Fox says

    I can do this. Really, I can. Lets see if I can drum up a modicum of Christian charity. Okay, how’s this sound? I feel truly sorry for Tony’s loss. Really, really, really sorry. Very sorry. Sooo sorry. I take no joy in his loss. It tears me up to hear about this. The image of him and his family paddling a canoe to flee rising floodwaters, it’s well, so . . . giggle . . . oh, f*ck it. I’m laughing out loud. Can’t stop. Always remember, God works in mysterious ways. So, as an OT prophet once said, up yours, asshole.

  13. says

    If it was of near biblical proportions it would have inundated the ark park. That would have been a red-letter day in the history of snark.