We shall all dance now

A reporter got into Turkish creationist Adnan Oktar’s compound last year for an interview with him and his “kittens”. It is weirdly creepy. Oktar has surrounded himself with a bevy of young women, all obviously treated with extensive plastic surgery and heavy cosmetics, and while claiming that he’s a feminist and that all of these women are truly liberated, they mostly just sit silently and only speak when he allows them to, and what they do say is stilted and scripted. It’s actually rather scary.

The creepiest bit is that every once in a while Oktar announces that they will have music, and a speaker plays some kind of pop pablum, and all the women smile and bounce and dance in their chairs. Then the music stops and the interview resumes.

Truly gag-a-riffic. Those poor women (and also the smiling PR men around them) are thoroughly enslaved by this cult.


  1. cartomancer says

    Creepily obedient and regimented? Kittens are just about the last creatures these poor people resemble…

  2. René says

    I have seen this before. Or something almost identical. Is this a repeat post? (Mind you, I went to some length to get onboard again, having changed h/w and s/w and forgetting who the hell I used to be here.)

  3. says

    What a weird mix of Hugh Hefner, Ken Ham, and David Koresh.

    Yeesh, David Cronenberg *wishes* he could come up with something that creepy.

  4. Ichthyic says

    I have seen this before. Or something almost identical.

    Oktar released his OWN video of his “kittens” a few years back. maybe that’s what you’re thinking of?

  5. robro says

    PZ has posted about Oktar and his “kittens” before. Every time I see them, they seem in pain.

    Is Oktar actually criticizing Islam? How brazen of him.

  6. Sili says

    Is it just me, or does the one in the blue blouse who hasn’t had her hair bleached yet, look like she’s recently had a black eye?

  7. shelly says

    Sili #10

    The one in the blue blouse with undyed hair is the reporter. (But I skimmed through it, so I might have made a mistake over who you meant.)

  8. Ichthyic says

    Is Oktar actually criticizing Islam?

    like Reverend Moon used to criticize christianity.

    exactly like that… come to think of it.

    Oktar is as close to an Islamic version of Moon as you can get.

    even has rich politicians there eating out of his hand.

  9. pattanowski says

    I cannot find it on the internet anymore, but there used to be an article reporting the visits that Answers in Genesis made to Harun Yahya events. I once confronted David Menton about this in front of a church full of people who were very obviously surprised to know that AIG was supporting an organization that believed that Allah created the world and that the Koran was “the most accurate scientific text ever”.
    There is still some information about the collaboration of these two organizations in chapter 20 of Harun Yahya’s crazy book “The Evolution Deceit”.
    …I have an old edition that clearly shows Menton and others from AIG sitting at the table with Oktar’s cronies, who by the way, have been implicated in the assassination of biology professors in Turkey. That info is still easy to find.

  10. pattanowski says

    Ok, so now I cannot find articles about the murder of the professors of biology by Turkish creationists. Surely someone remembers this? I will continue to search my printed archives as well…
    Until then, I profusely apologize for my statement about it. However, I remember…I studied this issue for some time.