Not a good day


I had braced myself for a long miserable day: I’m committing myself to grading, grading, grading all day long. It’s term paper time, and I’ve got a stack of exams, so I left early to come into my office…and as I’m getting ready to go, my wife reminds me that I’d promised to go see God’s Not Dead 2 at the noon matinee. So I’m committed to taking a break from drudgery to watch an abysmally bad movie which will reaffirm my contempt for Christianity.

Such fun.

Anyway, if you’re in the area, and if you want to be miserable together, I’ll be at the Morris Theater at noon, not knowing whether to be happy that so many Christians show up for an evil movie that I can’t get in, or to be disappointed that there are so few Christians attending that there are plenty of seats for me. It will be a very confusing time.

At least I’ll go out to Old #1 afterwards for a beer, I’ll need it. I’ll try to put something cephalopod-related on the table, so if you’re looking for like-minded godless folk you’ll know how to recognize us.


  1. Menyambal says

    Self-inflicted pain seems to be right approach to the movie. What I saw in the trailer was a totally-imaginary persecution scenario, and religious folks in fear of the wrath of their god.

  2. opposablethumbs says

    I’ll try to put something cephalopod-related on the table,

    The person who set up the local monthly Captain Awkward meet-up brings a soft-toy Cthulhu for this very purpose :-)

    I hope you survive the day, PZ. I suspect that even marking papers would probably be less painful than this film promises to be … unless you like raising your bp and grinding your teeth as you suppress the urge to yell “inconsistent!”, “incoherent!” “unmitigated bullshit and utter dreck!” etc. at the screen :-)

  3. Owlmirror says


    I just noticed that the imdb entry has “manipulation” and “alternate universe” as keywords.

    Trivia says: “In a television interview star Melissa Joan Hart claimed she was persecuted for making this movie, but refused to give any examples of how she was persecuted.”

    (Aw, did someone roll their eyes at her?)

    3.2 stars out of 10 (3402 voters)

  4. says

    Oh, now that’s a Sunday Facepalm! Best of luck with the movie – perhaps you can sneak a nap in?

  5. says

    Rotten Tomatoes’ Critics Consensus: Every bit the proselytizing lecture promised by its title, God’s Not Dead 2 preaches ham-fistedly to its paranoid conservative choir.

    So there’s that.

  6. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    I envy PZ’s ability to immerse himself in dreck, to be exposed to it fully, to avoid any accusation of presupposing it is filth. I sumtimes [sic] like to see awful movies for amusement, to laugh at how awful they are. Yet this movie, I’ll presuppose, doesn’t even reach such a category. (more like catty-gorey).
    I’m sure the afterparty will be most deserved, for recovery from the *yuck*. I would join if I was a little more local. Cheers.

  7. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    rats. once again html tag fail. only “presupposition” was intended as the extent of the bold. sorry

  8. consciousness razor says

    I’ll try to put something cephalopod-related on the table

    Note: to novices it may at first look like a bearded guy standing on the table drinking beer, but it will be cephalopod-related.

  9. vereverum says

    Was there a good crowd?
    Things must be different in MN. In my much warmer part of the US, most of the target audience would still be involved with church at noon and would not be able to attend.

  10. says

    It was a huge crowd for Morris. 100-150 people? Almost all elderly, though. They probably hadn’t gone to a movie since The Passion of the Christ blew through town.

    There were a few families, but mostly, Mary and I brought the average age of the crowd down.

    They applauded at the end. I was trying to hold back the vomit.

  11. blf says

    They applauded at the end. I was trying to hold back the vomit.

    Yes, but what did the cephalopod-related do?