I ♥ Elizabeth Warren

Ted Cruz was whining about how rough his life is, with all the sacrifices he’s had to make to campaign for president of the United States. So Warren replied.

Exactly right.

She is going to be a fantastic president in 2020.


  1. Saganite, a haunter of demons says

    2024. It’s very rare for a sitting president not to be re-elected. Remember, even Dubya was.

  2. dianne says

    I can’t think of any examples of a sitting president being replaced by a member of the same party, though single term presidencies are not that unusual*. So the only way she’d get in in 2020 is if the Republican won and if the Republican wins the existence of a 2020 election is in some doubt.

    *Carter, Bush I, Ford, Johnson (well, 1.5 term). Kennedy was likely on his way to being a one term president when he got shot.

  3. brucegee1962 says

    Alas, by 2024, Elizabeth Warren will be 75 years old. That would be a very tough sell, unfortunately.

  4. johnwoodford says

    Senator Warren is great, no question, and this is a pitch-perfect reply to Cruz. That said, talking her up as a Presidential possibility ignores the fact that on multiple occasions she’s said she’s not interested. And we’re the people for whom no should mean no, aren’t we?

  5. dianne says

    Alas, by 2024, Elizabeth Warren will be 75 years old. That would be a very tough sell, unfortunately.

    Bah! Median life expectancy for a woman in the US is over 80. Barring illness, Warren could be expected to easily survive one or more terms.

  6. antigone10 says

    She has said she doesn’t want to be president. She is a good senator. We need good senators. Why can’t she stay a good senator without that being some sort of failing?

  7. frog says

    harbo: Because as johnwoodfood noted @5, she hasn’t run, and repeatedly insists she is not interested in running.

    I can’t say I blame her. She knows exactly what a shitpile she would have to wade through to get the job.

  8. frog says

    antigone10@9: Right on! We need good senators. The current problems with our government are in congress and other lower offices. She’s doing good work where she is.

  9. harbo says

    Yes I accept all you say, but still wonder with the gene pool available, that the choices are still so disappointing.
    I know senator Warren will continue her good works and I wish her well.

  10. says

    She’s not going to be nominated for VP. Clinton will (or should, at least) nominate someone much younger than her — i.e. someone from the next generation of Democratic leaders to whom she can pass the torch.

    She’s not going to run for president — she has made that abundantly clear.

    What she needs is a strong Democratic majority in the Senate, so she can become the leader of the Senate Finance Committee and continue her sterling work protecting the American people from Wall Street and their ilk. Preferably, a Democratic majority in the House too, so she can write some bills that will get passed into law.

  11. archangelospumoni says

    Poor Ted. The Onion ran a story on this most vicious, mean, filthy, nasty, downright dirty campaign ad against Ted.

    It was 30 seconds of his picture. No voice-over. No text. No music. Nuttin’ ‘cept his picture.