Nye smack-down

I told you that Bill Nye was not going to be debating Sarah Palin on climate change, but that instead science denialist Marc Morano was going to be showing clips of Bill Nye to publicize his no-doubt horrid new “documentary”. It probably won’t be this clip. Bill Nye did meet with Morano, briefly, and made this little video.

I don’t think Morano knows how to deal with the issues outside of his little bubble of denialists.


  1. howdydodat says

    Oh my. I’m reminded of that time in high school when some poor ignoramus tried arguing with our Biology teacher to similar result.

    Nye was nowhere near that effective when he debated Ham. Was it because of the debate format, or was Nye giving Ham too much respect? He gives Mr. Morano almost none, deservedly.

  2. komarov says

    Nye has a very nice way of crushing his opponents. I think that makes it even more devestating.

  3. mostlymarvelous says

    Was it because of the debate format, or was Nye giving Ham too much respect?

    Neither. It’s all about knowledge and expertise. Nye knows the climate stuff pretty well _and_ he knows the weaknesses of the deniers just as well. I’m not convinced that he’s so thoroughly prepped and “ready” outside of the climate area.

  4. howdydodat says

    Right, I don’t believe Nye (or anyone) can be some kind of silver bullet against all science denialism. But I think what’s on display here is a great method of arguing with these people: recognizing and ignoring their lame rhetorical tripwires and keeping the debate focused on real information.

  5. Sunday Afternoon says

    Nye: “You could be a force for good!”

    What a wonderful, succinct way of turning around one of the typical tropes about atheists.

  6. unclefrogy says

    “when you really want to discus what is actually happening and what should be done call me other wise, “see you, bye!”

    uncle frogy

  7. jrobie says

    That was kind of beautiful. It was like watching Jimmy Stewart kick someone’s ass.

  8. Ichthyic says

    Nye: “You could be a force for good!”

    now why am I thinking about Luke Skywalker all of a sudden.

  9. w00dview says

    I really liked this, Nye was never put on the defensive at all and actually managed to wipe the smirk of Morano’s face for most of this. Especially interesting how he immediately countered his claim of “fossil fuels are the best!!!*” with the claim that slavery can accomplish great prosperity as well.

    *Ever notice how according to this crowd, humans are endlessly innovative and can use technology to overcome any obstacle except when it comes to alternative energy? Then, all of a sudden, society can only rely on fossil fuels for now and forever more. Also interesting how they think because fossil fuels have done good for society that they are only capable of good. Either very black and white thinking or Morano is getting paid very handsomely to spout this simplistic drivel.

  10. Jado says

    Bill Nye is a ninja assassin, and for some reason these guys keep calling him to come out and shiv them publicly, thinking he can’t possibly so it again, not to them…

    He’s a cold-blooded killer.