1. Brother Ogvorbis, Fully Defenestrated Emperor of Steam, Fire and Absurdity says

    First clip.

    Er. . . Illegal motion? Too many men on the line of scrimmage? Backfield in motion? That was bizarre. What movie is that from?

    Second clip.

    Bravo. That is fantastic. I hope I hope I hope that is played during the SuperBowl.

  2. says

    I have only vague idea about what is SuperBowl, no idea how this thing people call “footbal” works and absolutely no idea what it is people are enjoying looking at sports of any kind, so the first wid was only kinda creepy for me.

    The second one however has a very strong message. It is a pitty that an awfull lot of people won’t get it anyway, because their “sports fanship” or whatever they call it trumps reason (especially in combination with bigotry, racism and feeling of superiority).

  3. congenital cynic says

    Not interested in American football, and not watching the superbowl. May watch an NBA game that’s recorded on the PVR, but right now I’m doing what PZ is doing; grading tests. It’s my least favourite thing.

    I just looked at one student’s answer to a question and had a “WTF?” moment. They happen a bit too often. I wonder what class they were sitting in. (May need to find the Scotch.)

  4. pastorbentonit says

    Nothing like a game of Handegg to liven up a dreary Sunday evening back here in communist Switzerland where polar bears roam the streets. Sweden, that is. Skål!

  5. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    re @ 3:
    hoot, hoot, hooooooooo
    We will join your celebration uninvited (though virtually. cheers).
    My son was a big fan of owls, for which i tattooed his sketch of one on my hand in memorium. Tomorrow being the hemianniversary of his departure. Odd bit of synchronicity there. ;-(

  6. roachiesmom says

    Athywren, yes. I hear they are superb.

    No footbaal for me.

    I’m not sure what I am more disbelieving of — that there is a Donald O’Connor movie I missed, or that there is a Donald O’Connor movie I think I am glad I missed.

  7. ospalh says

    Erm, what‽
    When Sarkeesian (and whoever said it first) noted that in the game of patriarchy women are the ball, i didn’t know you should take it literally.

  8. Athywren - This Thing Is Just A Thing says

    @ospalh, 15
    Uh, I think there are some people who just don’t really find ball sports very interesting. Not entirely sure it’s a political statement.

  9. Crimson Clupeidae says

    While I’m not a huge fan of football, I don’t get the smug superiority that so many people seem to feel because they don’t follow it. Nearly everyone has some silly hobby that is ‘frivolous’ or similar described word (and yes, I realize there are a lot of things about football and the NFL that are bad, but this isn’t unique either).

  10. says

    I, for one, hate (American) football because the clock lies!

    That, and I’m just bored to tears watching what is essentially cleaned-up ritual combat. You have Army A and Army B, each trying to get to the other’s territory and “touch down”, complete with two-dozen (or more!) skirmishes over the ball (which could be seen as a weapon or bomb).