1. dccarbene says

    Is it just me, or does GamerGater look a lot like Bill Maher?

    Nah. Impossible. Bill LOVES and respects all women.

  2. congenital cynic says

    @ dccarbene
    Yes, he does look like Bill Maher. And I find that the Scholar looks like Steve Jobs. Not sure why his likeness would end up in this list.

  3. robro says

    We might have seen it before, but it’s funnier than the Super Bowl. Anyway, PZ is busy grading, or so he says…could he secretly be watching the game…nah.

    Full confession: I’m going to a Super Bowl party…or rather the “Stupor Bowl” party. You can imagine: a house full of aging hippies playing music. There’s something on the tee vee. Who cares? Beer? Blues or bluegrass? What key?

  4. says

    @robro #9 – Don’t care much about football, but I rarely turn down a Super Bowl party. Lots of food and drink, with someone else footing the bill and cleaning up the mess? I’m there.

  5. says

    This list is amazing.

    I’m going to try to sort them by some things so I can tease out (where applicable) social conflict strategy and objective, cognitive distortion, fallacious reasoning and effect on society. It’s fascinating from the perspective of what people do in response to what they are sensitive to, and how they choose to perceive and remember what they experience.

    I’m seeing versions of these in the thread at the NeuroLogica Blog on the disinvitation of Dawkins, who I would peg as The Comedian (I may be wrong but I seem to remember him criticizing a lack of sense of humor), The Scholar (because feminists are like Islamists and tons of other stuff), The Rationalist (in his comparisons of suffering), The Comparison Shopper (“Dear Muslima”), and The Anti-Feminist Feminist (that video clearly painted all feminists given how many things it tossed into the comparison with Islamists). He probably has examples of a The Scientist, but I need to look up
    Ironically he is not an Amazing Twitterman since they portray them as as people using emotional suppression via threat to silence.

  6. says

    @#18, falcon:

    We debated that in the other thread. IIRC: if the picture is supposed to be literal depiction of someone, quite probably (although I still think it looks like the caricature was using with Camille Paglia’s articles, when she was being paid to write for them, and she had that attitude as well). But it’s possible that there are just so many people who act like that, depressingly, that the cartoonist couldn’t draw a character who didn’t look like one of them, but the intent is just for it to be “a woman”.

  7. says

    You’re both right.

    I definitely had Christina Hoff Summers in mind when I drew that panel – the only panel, in fact, in which I had a specific individual in mind when I did the drawing. (Apart from my self-portrait in the final panel).

    But for the reasons the Vicar states, I didn’t want it to have too close a resemblance to any one specific individual. So I didn’t look at any photos of her before doing the drawing; I just went with my vague memory of what she looked like on some Youtube clip I watched a few months before.