1. brucegee1962 says

    I have a question I’ve really, really wanted someone to ask the Republicans:

    “Let’s assume, fine, you assemble an international coalition against ISIS, and you send in an international collection of ground forces, and you win. You crush them militarily and take back all their land. Now you’re occupying even more territory than we occupied back in 2004. What mistakes were made back then, and how would you avoid making them again? What timetable would you set for the occupation?”

  2. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    rhetorical, I know, but… why must every threat be addressed by the military? Why not ask the “threat” their concerns (at least listen to them, to hear what they’ve been shouting at us) and try to address the concerns rather than the squashing the people bringing them forth? I know it is a difficult approach and requires a long term commitment, but worth trying, huh? why not? gee. sheesh.

  3. robro says

    How much is lunch, and will everybody get a piece of pie?

    brucegee1962 at #1: “Let’s assume, fine, you assemble an international coalition against ISIS…” I think they’re already trying that, although with mixed results. Of course, the Russians invited themselves to the party…I mean, “if you can, I can” and besides al-Assad is our boy…who have proceeded to attack the “rebels,” meaning those opposed to al-Assad whether they are ISIS or not. Syria is a real mess, and I mean that in the large sense of the word “Syria.”

  4. says

    Of course, the Russians invited themselves to the party…

    Technically, the Russians are the only country that has actually been invited to the ‘party’ by Syria. Everyone else are armed gate-crashers, violating international law. I know it gets confusing when the scent of Regime Change is in the air.

  5. anchor says

    I like the cuttlefish’s question.

    Another question is short and simple (if a bit harsh to fragile sensibilities): “Would you renounce God and religion if it meant that our country lived prosperously in peace alongside the rest of the world? Addendum: Speak honestly and freely.

  6. brucegee1962 says

    Yeah, the problem with Syria questions is that all the answers sound awful.

    “Pick one to support:
    A) Assad, a monster in human form who shows no qualms in gassing the children of his own country,
    B) ISIL, also monsters who use rape as a recruitment tool and mass murder as a means of governance.

    Stop looking around for option C. We’ve been blundering around vainly searching for an option C for years, and it’s starting to look like a fantasy. Option C is putting your fingers in your ears and saying “Lalala Syria who?” “