Why is Kasich still running?

I think it’s because he’s profoundly delusional. Here’s Kasich praising Pink Floyd and Roger Waters specifically.

But…but…but we know what Waters thinks of the Republican party.

I watch the workings of politics [in the US] and particularly the Republican Party. They work with the axiom that you can tell as many lies as you want – and often the bigger the better – and eventually they will believed.

Or this:

Because your electorate, and it’s only the Republican electorate that we’re taking about now, are kept entirely in the dark by a malignant mainstream media lead by Fox News, but closely followed by all the other talking heads that just want to kind of smile at you and toe the party line and never question anything seriously, especially about the United States or what it is and what its aspirations are or what it wants to be, except that it wants to be a major imperial power all over the world. You have bases in 135 countries, which is extraordinary, though nobody ever seems to question it.

You pour huge amounts of your national resources into the Pentagon and use it, basically, to push around the rest of the world and make yourself unpopular with everybody else. And nobody seems to address any of this. This is a silence hovering over this great nation, and I think it’s a silence that is about to be broken.

This is not to say he approves of the Democrats — he’s such a strong pacifist I imagine he looks on all American politicians with disgust. Have you seen Kasich’s positions on the military? I would like to see Waters’ response to an invitation from a Republican to get Pink Floyd back together again.


  1. says

    Maybe Trump will try to trump him by saying he’ll get Guns ‘N Roses back together again!!

    It sounds suspiciously like the Monty Python “stake your claim” skit.

  2. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    Has Kasich ever even listened to On the Turning Away?

  3. petesh says

    He’s going to raise Rick and Syd from the dead? Well, I guess that’s not much more implausible than Roger and Dave supporting a Republican. I dunno, is Nick a bit squishy, politically? Somehow I doubt it.

  4. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    IDK, it sounds pretty hypocritical for a Republican to be advocating Floyd’s Money.
    Maybe, like other Repub’s who adopt theme songs by title only, never listening to the actual lyrics (Born in The USA), perhaps, Kasich has not realized the song is satire. While sarcastically praising money, love of.
    The Repubs seem to wallow in money, constantly being inundated with copious quantities to sway their votes.
    I too am sure (not) that Pres. Kasich will have big influence on British Pink Floyd survivors, to get them to reunite for a tour in America to champion his Presidency. (Not) (not) (no) [no] <*shudder*>

  5. says

    @Marcus Ranum Technically Guns and Roses is already getting back together. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/8-unanswered-questions-about-the-guns-n-roses-reunion-20160105
    Although really that doesn’t mean Trump can’t claim it as his idea. He’s also never declared bankruptcy either, donchaknow?

    There’s kind of a history here of the Republican Party trying to use songs from artists that want nothing to do with them. http://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/the-long-history-of-musicians-telling-republicans-to-stop-playing-their-music/
    I don’t think they’ll stop any time soon. The problem is that crowds just don’t warm up to Pat Boone the way they used to. Dave Mustaine actually does agree with them, but I can’t see them playing Megadeth at a campaign rally. A lot of these songs are written in opposition to conservative messages, which makes using them even sillier.

  6. Vivec says

    Don’t get me started on Mustaine. I could tolerate some of the older music, but this new album is blatantly WATCH OUT MUSLIMS IN OUR COUNTRY OBAMACARE EVIL ISIS GUNS FREEDOM

  7. says

    I followed the link to the ‘long history…’ and had a good laugh. I have to say, “whatttttt were they THINKING!?” came to mind a few times. Since I don’t watch TV and don’t watch political rallies, I’ve missed a lot of truly epic bad marketing.

    Mitt Romney, “The eye of the tiger”? I LOL’d. Good for the Scotti bros who probably got another fat check for that one but…
    And Trump appropriated Neil Young? Was someone in his operation trying to sabotage them? That’s hysterical.

    Why can’t they pick from the nationalistic flag-waving beer and guns country crowd? There’s got to be musicians there, like Toby Keith, who’ll like any foot as long as it’s got a well-polished jackboot on it.

  8. toska says

    I imagine he heard “We don’t Need no Education” and thought it was a strong criticism of liberal indoctrination in public schools.

  9. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    He’s going to raise Rick and Syd from the dead?

    It’s awfully considerate of Kasich to think of Syd here
    And he’s much obliged to John for making it clear
    That he’s not here.

    /And I’m wondering who could be writing this post.

  10. microraptor says

    For some reason, I thought there was a Republican who’d used CCR’s Fortunate Son as something of the ultimate tone-deaf campaign song, but looking it up I see that it was a car commercial.

  11. frog says

    I assume Kasich is still in the race because deep down he believes that the Republican establishment will find a way to oust the trio* who have equated the brand “Republican” with “reactionary fearmongering bigots.”

    (The R establishment seems to be fine with “reactionary fearmongering” if it leads to lucrative military spending and contracts. I think they would prefer to keep the “bigots” part a little more subtle, with plausibly deniable racist dogwhistles rather than “We should round up all Muslims and throw them in camps and kill them.”)

    To be honest, I’m glad Kasich is still in it. His politics don’t jibe with mine at all, except that he recognizes the value of compromise. Of course, if a Repub takes the White House, he will be in with an all Repub congress, which means no compromise necessary.

    Sigh. It is terrifying either way. While I don’t want Trump or Cruz to be anywhere close to getting the nomination, I can’t help but think they are both so hated by most independent voters (though loved by a notable percentage of folks who still claim to be Republicans), that they will at least push people to vote for the Democrat rather than stay home and throw their hands up in the air, claiming that neither choice is better than the other.

    I really, really, really, really hope this election year marks the end of the selfish-asshole/bigotry extinction burst.

    *formerly duo, but Rubio sold out to bigotry a couple months back

  12. frog says

    Microraptor@13: It was also used in a Tommy Hilfiger commercial, where all the models are dancing around in red/white/blue clothes meant to look all patriotic. The song cut off just before the line “It ain’t me”.

    The worst for that, though, was “Sixteen Tons” in an advertising for the coal industry. Not enough faces, not enough palms.

  13. says

    @14, frog:

    While I don’t want Trump or Cruz to be anywhere close to getting the nomination, I can’t help but think they are both so hated by most independent voters (though loved by a notable percentage of folks who still claim to be Republicans), that they will at least push people to vote for the Democrat rather than stay home and throw their hands up in the air, claiming that neither choice is better than the other.

    Trump, yes, that’s accurate — so far, at least. Cruz, though: the polls are showing that Hillary Clinton can’t reliably beat him. Or Rubio. (Sanders can, though.) And that’s before the wall-to-wall anti-Clinton TV campaign which will start the minute she gets the nomination. Basically, Hillary Clinton’s viability now depends on Trump’s.

  14. says

    Seems he is able to enjoy the art of the wall without fully subscribing to the message. I put myself into the same boat. The Wall changed my childhood.

    And “on the turing away” is a gilmore tune.

  15. moarscienceplz says

    Waters should announce that he’d be glad to do a concert for Kasich – for a fee of $10,000,000 to be donated to Planned Parenthood.

  16. says

    Yes. I understand. But the question was “what was the best concert you’ve been to” (or similar). The Wall (I’ve never been, but I recently watched the newest version on iTunes), is a fantastic performance of sight and sound. I can easily see anyone being taken in by it. Now, if she would have asked “What artist/band to you feel best sums up your ethos…”…different story.

    BTW, been a while since I listened to Ugly Kid Joe. Thanks.

  17. petesh says

    The Vicar @14: Unhatched chickens are generally not worth counting. Do not forget the wall-to-wall anti-Sanders campaign that would appear if he got nominated; there is evidence that some squirrelly Republicans are boosting Bernie right now because they think they can crush him. Also don’t forget that Hillary has so far survived about a quarter of a century of abuse. Which is not to suggest that Bernie cannot win, but let’s not exaggerate his chances. A tie in Iowa was pretty good; he ought to win New Hampshire by a lot; but how’s he going to do in South Carolina? And in the many events on March 1st? My probable vote for Bernie in California is almost certainly going to make no difference either way, so I am essentially neutral in the primaries. Any available Dem is better than any available Rep, as I hope you agree.

  18. microraptor says

    frog @15:

    Oh, yeah, hard to top that. IIRC, they even left in the line about the singer owing his soul to the company store.

  19. whywhywhy says

    I live in Ohio and I want Kasich to keep running as long as possible. I believe his presidential (or vice presidential) hopes are keeping him from pushing more evangelical and ALEC inspired legislation in my state. At the very least less is getting done by the Governor and the conservative legislature which is all for the good.

  20. Matthew Trevor says

    I’ve only recently been relistening to Amused to Death… 23 years on and the situation has only gotten worse.

    There’s been a trend here in Aus. lately, with openly racist groups adopting well-known songs by Aus. musicians, and those musicians coming out and asking them to stop. (It must be especially galling for Jimmy Barnes, given his partner of 20+ years is Thai…) It appears their entitlement knows no boundaries.

  21. dianne says

    Does Kasich have any idea what the president does? I mean, has he read the job description? Does he mistake president of the US for dictator of the world? Why would he think that, as president of the US, he would have any influence at all on the career choices of a group of British musicians? How does he plan to reunite Pink Floyd “once and for all”?