Japan and the awesome Christmas miracle

Toyama Bay got a visit from a mythological being, all dressed in red, on Christmas day. It was beautiful.

It seems to be Architeuthis dux, and is about 4 meters long. It just cruised in, ambled about, and the authorities plan to just let it swim away. If it can — giant squid on the surface tend to be sick and unhappy. But still…! I’m waiting for the day one swims up the Pomme de Terre river to bring me presents.

There’s more discussion about this squid (in English!) on TONMO.


  1. blf says

    According to Ye Pffft! Of All Knowledge, the river is not named after the potato but the prairie turnip, which was apparently eaten by the local First Nations. No word on what they called either the river or the plant.

    However, another river by the same name in Missouri apparently had a First Nation’s name meaning “Big Bone River, referring to the fossils of mastodons and other ancient creatures which they found along its eroding banks.”

    From that we can conclude the river had a naming meaning “No Squid Here River”.

  2. says

    Wow, what an amazing experience, hugged by a giant squid! I’m glad it was decided to leave the squid alone, regardless of health.

  3. says

    Artor @ 7:

    The diver is either very gutsy, or fucking insane!

    I would have done the same – that’s a once in a lifetime experience.

  4. Die Anyway says

    Pomme de Terre (or Erd Apfel as I first learned it)… I had the same reaction as Tabby Lavalamp… a river named that? Weird.