Only ten?

It’s a start, anyway. Here are Ten Facebook Pages You Need to Stop Sharing. They are:

Eat Clean. Train Mean. Live Green.
Joseph Mercola
Prevention Magazine
Natural News
Collective Evolution
Spirit Science
The Mind Unleashed

There’s a lot of pseudo-nutrition and quackery in there, and also a fair bit of “spirituality”. But there are so many other pages that are about as bad! I bail when I see the words “spirit”, “detox”, “cleanse”, “toxins”, as well as anything to do with religion.


  1. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    I like to verify the preference for “do NOT read the comments” by delving into the miasma for a bit. These comments were only bearable for a little while. Did not go too deep before I had to abandon them. EG. The very top comment accused Dawn of spouting BS, that the cites she was disparaging actually cited (supposedly) peer reviewed sources. That the cites she disparaged were promoting healthy living by eating sensibly etc (ie: that one has to read the sites with a bs filter engaged, but the sites are worthwhile[?] )
    My personal bs filter engaged and made me stop reading all the bs in those comments. confirming the recommendation to avoid the comments completely.

  2. andyo says

    I vote for I Fucking Love Science, and in Spanish, La Bioguía. While the argument can be made that the “science” they share can be shoddy or at least uneven or inaccurate, and the clickbait (the fucking clickbait!) what boils my blood more about IFLS and others like that is they’ve built an empire out of pirated, un-sourced artistic content, and they don’t give a shit except when called out and people are paying attention. But because they’re promoting science, nature or some geek shit, people who should really know better (looking at you, Neil Tyson’s StarTalk) keep promoting them. And while I like him a lot, George Takei’s page also was doing that in the beginning.

  3. andyo says

    By the way, re: the comments. You should read the comments on posts by bona-fide physicists like Brian Greene or Brian Cox. Did you know many people have invented free energy, debunked relativity, and know what dark matter is?

  4. J Dubb says

    Hmm. “Dawn’s Brain” is itself a ‘mommy blog’, and I don’t feel like reading all 300+ of her entries to decide whether her blog should also be on the list.

  5. Die Anyway says

    > “Eat Clean. Train Mean. Live Green.”

    Sounds great… but I’ll take your word that it has too much woo. Too bad.

    Eat well. Stay fit. Die Anyway.

  6. dianne says

    I bail when I see the words “spirit”, “detox”, “cleanse”, “toxins”,

    And “quantum”, unless you’re reading an actual discussion of real physics. Also “boosts the immune system”. Especially if same substance is late described as “anti-inflammatory”. Those two concepts are more or less mutually contradictory, folks.

  7. dianne says

    Eat well. Stay fit. Die Anyway.

    Die later after a healthier life. Well, probably, barring bad luck and poor choice of ancestors. That’s the kernel of truth that keeps people coming back to woo: eating well and exercising moderately do help you live a healthier life. But sorry, tumeric and avoidance of GMOs won’t solve all your problems.

  8. speed0spank says

    I quite like George Takei , but I would agree that his FB posts are ridiculous. I think he gets paid to post dumb/silly things from various click-baity websites. I actually click on some of them and enjoy them but it is a bit much.