1. blf says

    The level of discourse and understanding on display is far beyond anything the thugs can comprehend or accomplish. The use of rocks, however, is about at the thugs’s level of scientific / technological understanding, albeit effective use of rocks requires advanced concepts such as “flinting”, “mortar”, and “not wearing a dead squirrel as a toupée”.

  2. dick says

    The Bible Bogey, amongst others, didn’t evolve until civilisation was more advanced than what the cartoon shows. The people depicted would believe in animism or animatism. Bad ‘mana’ would be their biggest worry.

    Too bad it’s only male characters depicted too.

  3. AlexanderZ says

    dick #2

    Too bad it’s only male characters depicted too.

    The second from the right has a noticeable cleavage. There may be other women there, but all neanderthals look the same to me.

  4. blf says

    What is that apparent female doing there! Everyone knows advanced politics makes the cooties overheat and results in unaborted-STEM-geeks. Then you get things like fire, clothing (seems like they have already suffered that sin), and unsquare-wheels, leading to the worse imaginable abomination, iron chariots!

  5. Holms says

    The Bible Bogey, amongst others, didn’t evolve until civilisation was more advanced than what the cartoon shows. The people depicted would believe in animism or animatism. Bad ‘mana’ would be their biggest worry.

    Are you being obtuse deliberately?

  6. says

    Rightwing politicians tried to make Obama into all-purpose bogeymen. They succeeded to some extent, but the whole anti-Christ thing also backfired on them to some extent. (If you don’t want to go with “anti-christ” you had a choice of other categories, like socialist, communist, Muslim, black man, etc.).

    The two current bogeymen are the Iran Nuclear deal and Planned Parenthood. On Planned Parenthood, journalist Robin Marty wrote:

    […] The GOP has focused like a laser on Planned Parenthood this cycle, eager to pick as big of a fight as possible with the nation’s largest reproductive health care entity. Politicians are playing just as big of a role in the escalating vendetta as the anti-abortion activists who concocted fake identities in order to record the secret interviews with staff members. Nationally, Republican members of Congress admitted to early access to the videos that are now being released weekly, and in Texas, last week’s legislative investigation led to the discovery that Texas lawmakers had also seen videos that had yet to be released to the public.

    Much of the protests, media releases, and calls for investigations appeared to be a ramp-up in preparation for this week’s senate vote in favor of pulling all federal funds from Planned Parenthood, allegedly with the intention of giving them to community health centers as an alternative. The bill received majority backing, but not enough votes to overcome a filibuster. […]

    Students for Life of America has been one of the key players […] SFLA itself has “The Planned Parenthood Project,” an endeavor “to expose the nation’s abortion Goliath, Planned Parenthood, with whom they target the most—young people,” allegedly educating students on college campuses about Planned Parenthood’s “plan” to sell them faulty birth control, fill them with hormones, then counsel them into aborting when their hormonal birth control fails.

    SFLA took the lead on arranging nationwide, public protests after the first videos were released, arranging the “Women Betrayed” rallies that popped up in more than 60 cities across the country. While other groups have taken over the organization for the next national protest, SFLA has a new target in mind.

    Yes, they want to hit the town halls, 2009-style. […]

    Just like the Great Town Hall Invasion of 2009, a list of potential events to attend is provided, and sample questions are offered as well, such as:

    Why did you vote to give my money as a taxpayer to Planned Parenthood?

    Why did you vote to fund an organization that has been caught aiding and abetting sex traffickers, taking money to abortion black children, covering up sexual abuse, and selling the body parts of aborted babies? […]

    Do you think that Planned Parenthood affords any human dignity to the children they rip up and sell piece by piece? […]

    Will Students for Life of America have the same success with the town hall gambit that the early Tea Party organizers managed to create leading up to the midterms? If so, that could mean a summer season of unprepared sitting members of Congress seeing their constituent outreach events hijacked into an all-abortion-all-the-time political brawl. And of course the more the right can force politicians to focus on abortion, the less they have to worry about the fact that their stances on marriage equality, climate change, wages, education, immigration and health care are out of step with a majority of Americans. […]

    Fact-free tactics. Those questions being passed around for Town Hall use during the August recess make me ill.

  7. says

    Rightwing fear mongering also affects the kinds and quantities of military gear that is requested by local police departments in the USA.

    […] Law enforcement agencies responded by stoking old fears. No community, they argued, not even the smallest one, is safe from worst-case scenarios like mass shootings, hostage situations, or terrorist attacks. The use of this military equipment has resulted in “substantial positive impact on public safety and officer safety,” Jim Bueermann, the president of the Police Foundation, a research group, said in a 2014 Senate hearing on police militarization. He cited hostage situations, rescue missions, and heavy-duty shootouts where the vehicles had come in useful.

    But in private, police justify these same programs in radically different ways. Mother Jones obtained more than 450 local requests, filed over two years, for what may be the most iconic piece of equipment in the debate over militarizing local police: the mine resistant ambush protected vehicle, or MRAP.* And an analysis of these documents reveals that in justifying their requests, very few sheriffs and police chiefs cite active shooters, hostage situations, or terrorism, as police advocates do in public.

    Instead, the single most common reason agencies requested a mine-resistant vehicle was to combat drugs. Fully a quarter of the 465 requests projected using the vehicles for drug enforcement. Almost half of all departments indicated that they sit within a region designated by the federal government as a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. (Nationwide, only 17 percent of counties are HIDTAs.) One out of six departments were prepared to use the vehicles to serve search or arrest warrants on individuals who had yet to be convicted of a crime. […]

    One police chief pleaded for a Lenco BearCat—an armored personnel carrier with blast resistant floors and an optional gun turret—to guard a 200-acre beach town in Delaware. In Chesterfield County, South Carolina—population 46,000—the sheriff requested a vehicle that could withstand both roadside bombs and a type of machine gun round that can shatter concrete. And the Ohio State University Police Department asked for an armored vehicle to assist with “football missions.” . […]

  8. treefrogdundee says

    Who is to blame for the Wisconsin Glaciation? Why gays and abortion, of course!

  9. shouldbeworking says

    Why are you people mocking the Conservative Party of Canada’s entire re-election platform? I’m sure Trump, Cruz, Rubio, et al. have come up with something stupid for you to comment on.

  10. mothra says

    Yes (@14) for discovering the Wisconsin glaciation using that evil occupation known as science.

  11. birgerjohansson says

    This is irrelevant for the political arguments, but this was the tribe the wizards from Ankh-Morpork studied in “The Science of Discworld, part 2” when they feared Roundworld would never make it to the space elevator stage.
    Also, Elvis and his time machine are hidden beside the rock, just outside the panel. *

    *ask Gary Larson if you do not believe me.