Convergence stats

The Convergence convention ended a few weeks ago, but the survey statistics (pdf) are already out. If you like gender diversity, you might want to join us next year.


The attendees skewed surprisingly young, but then, as a geezer, I might have a skewed perspective myself.

One thing that is missing from the questions asked is something about race/ethnicity — I know, it’s Minnesota, we’re really pale, but it would still be a good thing to pay attention to, especially since I thought there was more diversity there this year than last.


  1. antigone10 says

    Convergence doesn’t do day passes. It is really expensive, especially if you can’t plan a year ahead, to do all four days and compound that cost if you have to stay at the hotel. It is also going to be an issue of getting days off- until my most recent job I was not in a job that I could get 4 days off in a row a year ahead of time. We still don’t have racial economic parity in this state. This is going to be a factor in who is attend the convention.