Creationists ♥ Hitler

I thought Expelled was the king of creationist Godwins, but a new challenger has stepped forward: a biography titled “Kent Hovind : An Atheist’s Worst Nightmare”. The trailer has to bee seen to be believed: it’s all Hitler, interleaved with shots of Obama (what?) and George W. Bush (double what?). HE EXPOSED THE LIES OF ATHEISM AND EVOLUTION. HE IS IN PRISON FOR PREACHING THE TRUTH. HE OBEYED ALL LAWS AND THEY STILL THROUGH [sic] HIM IN PRISON. Shrill music. Hitler Hitler Hitler.

They’re calling it a ‘documentary’, but it looks more like in exercise in how much stock footage from WWII you can splice together and still call it a movie.


  1. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says


    That is…

    …so ratfucking.

    Leni Reifenstahl would be appalled, but Lee Atwater would positively glow at the flattery.

  2. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    “Obeyed all laws”, except for paying income tax for his employees, and on his personal income. That is why KH is in jail, and likely to remain there for a while. He is convicted felon by his own ignorance and inability to listen to real experts who tell him what he should be doing.

  3. says

    OK, watched it, and that’s a few brain cells I’ll never get back.
    “He obeyed all the laws….” — except those he didn’t.
    “….but they still through him in prison” — yes, spelled just like that.

    This is full-blown conspiracy theory territory.

  4. Menyambal says

    Wowsers. I like the typos.

    I usually avoid YouTube comments, but that vid’s are funny.

    I went to see Hovind back in 1998 or so. He is still the most evil person that I have ever met.

  5. says

    So, it’s not possible to understand what Hitler did without the concept of evolution? So how do you understand the genocides that predate the concept of evolution?

  6. raven says

    I wonder which xian broadcasting network will pick it up.

    The two big ones are CBN Pat Robertson and TBN, the Crouches. The Crouches FWIW, have their own legal problems.


    In June 2012, the Orange County Register reported that Carra Crouch, the granddaughter of Paul and Jan Crouch, filed a lawsuit claiming that TBN covered up her rape by a network employee when she was 13-years-old.[69] Carra claimed to have been given a date rape drug and was sexually abused while staying at an Atlanta, Georgia, hotel during TBN’s “Spring Praise-a-Thon” in 2006. She also claimed that when she informed Jan Crouch and TBN attorney John Casoria of the rape, they professed disbelief in her claims and blamed her for the incident.

    Doesn’t take much to be a hero to the fundies. The other founder of TBN, Jim Bakker, is a convicted felon.

  7. antigone10 says

    Okay, Christian-type people? Here is my worst nightmare:

    I’m under the subservience of people of who I don’t understand and can barely communicate with, be they aliens or other humans (shades of Lilth’s Brood or sometimes just talking to conservatives or trying to figure out ISIL). My actions are scrutinize to a level where I am afraid to do practically anything for fear of doing the wrong thing and I’m powerless to divine what the right thing to do (shades of growing up in an abusive household, also being a woman and watching Alice in Wonderland as a kid). I am forced to do repetitive, soul-sucking labor and allowed no pride in my work or respect, and am taunted by the idea of working just hard enough and I will be free but “hard enough” is a moving goalpost. I am forcibly impregnated, and that parasite* is growing inside of me and I can’t doing anything to stop it and there is no where to me to flee to (body horror of the nth degree for me). My love ones are killed or twist into something unrecognizable and frightening, or are constantly being hurt and I can do nothing. And what’s worse, this is happening to most everybody around me and I can’t help them as I can’t help myself.

    THAT is my worst nightmare. Anything short of that doesn’t come anywhere close to my worst nightmare. Stop saying “my worst nightmare” is listening to someone being laughably/ infuriatingly wrong about biology. That belays a lack of imagination. If tomorrow god itself was to come down and declare how the world was, it would not be my worst nightmare. I’ve had to readjust how the world works before, I can do it again.

    And I’m one atheist. I suspect each atheist has their own version of “worst nightmare” that might have nothing to do with my nightmares.

    *Just because this is MY worst body horror nightmare does not make it everyone else’s. People are allowed to feel differently about things that are happening to them.

  8. Doubting Thomas says

    Worst nightmare? How about getting thrown into a cell with KH with no possibility of parole. (For something you didn’t do of course.)

  9. twas brillig (stevem) says

    I watched it without sound; I think the images of Obama, and W, interleaved with ‘the big H’, is equating ALL forms of government as the “Big Bad”. It was the Govmint that throughed [sic] him in jail, for obeying the law. So all guvmints are the same; from evil Hister to saintly W, ( and Muslimist Obama) the leader don’t really matter, guvmint is inherently eebil.

  10. twas brillig (stevem) says

    re @12:
    Yes!!! That is the only truth in that trailer:”Kent Hovind is Atheists Worst Nightmare”. (He certainly is, but NOT for the reasons he thinks he is.)

  11. ethicsgradient says

    Since he finally went to prison for his tax offences while Bush was president, I guess he has to include him in the Evilutionist Cabal of Lizard Nazis. I’m only surprised they haven’t put Bill Clinton in the trailer too, since Hovind’s crimes were first noticed under his presidency.

  12. says

    “He obeyed all the laws….”

    Missed the bit about “render unto Caesar…” tho.

    I mean, that was specifically jesus referring to whether jews should pay taxes to the romans. For fuck’s sake.

  13. cicely says

    If Kent Hovind is not a pack-hunting swarm of giant, super-speed, flaming tornadoes, ripping through S’field and preventing me from knowing whether Son and Family, and my friends, are safe/alive, and destroying my home and killing my cats…then he’s not my worst nightmare.
    He’s not even rated.

  14. zetopan says

    “but they still through [sic] him in prison”
    They obviously merely misspelled “throwed”. Like “the banana throwed Ray Comfort for a fruit loop”.

  15. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    From the link @#7:

    Although staff often jokingly called DAL the “compound,” Johnson says DAL wasn’t cult-like. Rather, it was light-hearted and welcoming. The staff would have a party at the end of the month to celebrate birthdays; they were like a family.

    Riiiiiight. It wasn’t like a cult…because once you were on the inside, the people who belonged treated each other as their family.

    No, it’s totally not cult-like to live where you work, eat all your meals with your coworkers and have a once-a-month feast for everyone who just had a birthday, because, hey, all these people you didn’t know until 10 months ago and that you sleep with and work with and eat with and share chores with are just your family.

    it’s a good thing we cleared that up.

  16. pattanowski says

    Any Christians who know only the eugenics angle on the ideology of the Holocaust perpetrators need to look into the views of figures such as Martin Luther and Gerhard Kittel. It is reprehensible to use footage of the victims of the death-camps to push yet another philosophy of hate and intolerance. Hovind equates Obama with Hitler but it is the conservative Christians who refuse to accept LGBT persons and people who belong to different or no religions, etc…

  17. David Marjanović says



    My actions are scrutinize to a level where I am afraid to do practically anything for fear of doing the wrong thing and I’m powerless to divine what the right thing to do

    Real joke from real Nazi times:

    “The law system is to be simplified. There will be just three laws anymore:
    1) Whoever does anything or fails to do anything is punished.
    2) The punishment follows the Healthy Sentiment of the People™.
    3) The Healthy Sentiment of the People™ is set by the governor.”

    it’s a good thing we cleared that up.

    Quite. *nodnod*

  18. savant says

    antigone10 @ 10

    I don’t know if we have met. Hello!

    Your worst nightmare sounds like life under a religious theocracy, or what life would be like if the abrahamic god were real. We don’t have to worry about the latter; here’s hoping we don’t have to worry about the former. Chilling, though!

  19. tbp1 says

    @#25: The guy is from my hometown, but not someone I know. I did grow up with lots of people who could have written that letter, however. I will always remember the day one of my classmates made the argument that a woman couldn’t be president because she wouldn’t have time to cook or clean. As far as I could tell, he meant it.

  20. gijoel says

    I like the use of sound track to Prometheus. I think Ridley Scott and Kent have the same views on evolution

  21. gog says

    @27 I only had to live there for a few years. I can’t imagine having to grow up there.

  22. tbp1 says

    #29: It was a surreal experience. When I go back I find myself asking, “Was it always this weird?” Oddly enough the public schools had terrific arts programs, which is how I survived (orchestra and drama). My high school turned out at least two singers who had lead roles at the Met, several professional ballet dancers (NYC Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Ballet West), and some people who actually made/make a living as actors, although no one famous. Before my time, J.D. Souther was a grad.

  23. Muz says

    Now, I know what y’all are going to say. That there’s ample evidence of creationists stealing footage and music, being incapable of spelling properly and generally being insane propagandists through and through.

    But this time it’s a Poe. This time it is! It has to beeee!

  24. FossilFishy (NOBODY, and proud of it!) says

    Not this atheist, not by a long shot.

    My worse nightmare is my daughter fatally discovering that Daddy lied about the existence of monsters, that the do exist but wear a human skin. Hovind and his ilk are a worry, but nightmares they are not.

  25. james129 says

    Well, I can confirm that gijoel is correct, this is most definitely the creepy trailer music from the middling-to-mediocre movie Prometheus. I wonder if they got permission to use it. For that matter, I wonder if they got permission from the makers of the middling-to-mediocre video game Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, from which that cover artwork is cribbed.

    It’s like they think we either don’t know that they trawled this, or they just don’t care.

  26. edmond says

    All those millions other Christians who are preaching about Jesus without being thrown in jail for tax fraud… they’re just LUCKY.

  27. says

    Gotta admire Rudy’s work ethic — he’s posting around 10 videos a day on his channel — all about Kent Hovind.

  28. rietpluim says

    Yeah I dream of Hovind every night. And he scares the shit out of me. Really, he does. Really. Really!!!

  29. Childermass says

    ““Obeyed all laws”, except for paying income tax for his employees, and on his personal income.”

    He did a lot more than that. He also was found guilty of money laundering among other things.

    If anything the feds arguably could have got him for a whole lot more than they ever did. He went well over a decade without filing or paying income taxes and yet it was clear he had lots of income. They only charged him for a fraction of that tax evasion. He also indisputably committed perjury which could have easily gotten him quite a few more years. If anything it is surprising it took the feds as long as they did to put him away as he was rubbing it in for a very long time.

    Lets not also forget that the state and local government had trouble with him too. He did not obey safety rules for his theme park nor get any of the proper permits. He briefly had assault charges against him over an altercation with a tenant–there was a bit overcharging in that case and it got dropped.

  30. Thumper: Who Presents Boxes Which Are Not Opened says

    If anything it is surprising it took the feds as long as they did to put him away as he was rubbing it in for a very long time.

    A white, Christian man who is also fairly famous with a fairly large following? Not really.

  31. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says


    I dont believe this is authentic for one second.

    Then it’s not a Poe.

    I get your money now?

  32. consciousness razor says

    I dont believe this is authentic for one second.

    Then it’s not a Poe.

    I get your money now?

    But some people believe it’s authentic (“sincere” is better), others don’t, and it’s hard to tell which is the case. The fact that it’s sincere or insincere is irrelevant, as are facts about which alternative you or I believe is true, since the “law” is merely about being unable to determine that fact (without further research or insider knowledge). That’s what makes this a case of Poe’s law in action: it’s a fancy way of saying we’re ignorant. We can’t tell, and some may be totally uncertain, while others may be very certain about either option.

    So I think I should I get the money. But I think that a lot.

  33. congenital cynic says

    Oh my, that was really pathetic. And it’s 1:52 of my life I won’t get back again. Sigh.

    Love the misspelling of “threw”. Such clever people, those creationists. That was a lot of gratuitous Hitler going on there. I won’t be wasting my time watching the movie. That was bad enough.

  34. felidae says

    So, Kent, why hasn’t Jesus come down and busted his faithful servant out of the slammer–after all he is omnipotent according to your preaching

  35. loopyj says

    You can’t understand Hitler without understanding how evolution ties in? Sure, in understanding the eugenics movements in the US and Europe, it’s definitely helpful to know how eugenicists misunderstood the concepts of evolution and twisted them into a belief system that was not-at-all scientific and was all about legitimizing their preexisting beliefs about how ‘selective breeding’ could maintain white supremacy and racial hierarchy, and ‘improving humanity’ by sterilizing or killing disabled people or anyone else whom they defined as ‘unfit’. And it certainly helps to understand that right-wing religious bigots also completely misunderstand and misrepresent evolution and invoke the bogeyman of ‘Social Darwinism’.