Mike Adams thinks he’s just like a poor black gay child

Jimmy Kimmel put together a nicely scathing PSA on those damned stupid anti-vaxxers. Here it is:

Guess who got upset about it?

Mike Adams, the demented Natural Health Ranger. It’s an amazing rant. He announces that he, and all the other people who refuse to prevent terrible diseases in their children, are just like gay and black people, because they’re hated by bigots.

Really. He goes there.

Then he claims that the PSA is making fun of sick children, and shows photos of disfigured and dreadfully ill children, claiming they’re all of kids damaged by vaccines.

I think it’s obvious how fallacious his nonsense is, so I don’t need to say more…especially since you can go read Orac, who definitely says more.

As pointed out in the comments, the RationalWiki has a good summary of Mike Adams’ lunacy.


  1. Mark The Snark says

    When Jimmy is making fun of how ignorant and stupid you are, it is way past time to re-examine your position. :-)

  2. moarscienceplz says

    The Kimmel piece was hilarious, but it is too bad he couldn’t resist slut-shaming Jenny McCarthy. She is a willfully ignorant person who has caused a lot of harm to children because she is so fucking arrogant, and I really hate her for that, but to point out that she has modeled nude and use that as a reason to look down on her is pretty scummy, Jimmy.

  3. says

    I find I get called a bigot a lot, lately. Doesn’t seem to matter much which side I take on anything. Taking it too seriously might become a bit of a time sink, considering. But I really do try, just the same, to, assess the accuracy of this. Being all socially responsible ‘n shit. You know.

    Mr. Adams’ complaint I think I will have to file somewhat lower in the queue, however. My regrets, good sir. Unfortunately for you, Stormfront, a number of believers in various pushy sky gods, and the disciples of Paul Elam went there first.

  4. Sili says

    The Kimmel piece was hilarious, but it is too bad he couldn’t resist slut-shaming Jenny McCarthy.

    I took it as mocking the people who salivate over her when naked. Not as a criticism of her modelling.

  5. moarscienceplz says

    Sili #6

    …some people do not buy into that because they did a Google search and Jenny McCarthy popped up, and she had clothes on so they listened to what she had to say…

    Kimmel didn’t say people were looking for porn. The context is that they were searching for info on vaccines, and they found JM. He could have left the clothes reference out and it would have been just as funny. No, he was slut-shaming, for sure.

  6. says

    David — maybe this is the joke, but if not, you may not be aware that (for me at least) your avatar is showing as “This image requires a Facebook Gold Account”. Kind of amusing either way, but not sure if it’s what you’re intending :)

  7. mickll says

    What evidence did this scuzzbucket cite that just one of those kids had their condition because of exposure to vaccines?

    Oh that’s right, he didn’t!

  8. says

    @8 Kagato:

    I can’t speak for David, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a joke. The image is meant to trick unsuspecting viewers into believing there’s a “Gold” facebook account, and thus lead them into a fruitless chase to find out how to get such a thing. It’s similar to the old man in Up sending the kid on a “snipe hunt”, with the full knowledge the hunt was pointless (though Pixar did spoof it, to my childlike delight).

    You got trolled.

  9. says

    @10 Drewzilla:

    Indeed I did!
    I’m surprised at myself for not checking whether such a service even existed, because on reflection I know it doesn’t!
    I’ll give myself a half-point for at least considering it could be a joke, but it definitely counts as a hit.