1. rq says

    It looks like an orchid. Except it lives underwater and can move around.
    And the pink accents just scream Barbie. ;)

  2. Stacey C. says

    Ha! I just wrote a profile of these beauties for a MOOC I’m taking! They are amazing. I love that they walk along the bottom. I welcome our tiny cephalapod overlords!

  3. says

    I got to see one of those cuties at the Aquarium of the Pacific – it took me a while to find it, though, as it was less than an inch long.

    rq, that gives me an idea – how about a collection of poisonous animals for Barbie? The gila monster is pretty shiny, I think. Oooh, coral snakes! One could even branch (ha) out into toxic plants – a Rappaccini’s Garden for Barbie. Come to think of it, that sounds like something Wednesday Addams would love, or, for that matter, the daughters in their younger days, or me for that matter. I think I have a new project in mind…

  4. Andrew G. says

    For all its flamboyance it can do the camouflage thing too – one moment it can be all flashy red and yellow, and the next moment looking like a patch of gravel.

  5. says

    In case you accidentally ate this thing and need to induce vomiting, I recommend this world class drivel from one Leslie A. Wickman, ” director of the Center for Research in Science at Azusa Pacific University.” (She’s actually an engineer, BTW, which is helpful to know.) She claims that the discovery of traces of gravitational waves in the Cosmic Background Radiation proves the existence of God — not only that, but specifically the Christian God and scripture. Excerpt:

    “The prevalent theory of cosmic origins prior to the Big Bang theory was the “Steady State,” which argued that the universe has always existed, without a beginning that necessitated a cause. However, this new evidence strongly suggests that there was a beginning to our universe. If the universe did indeed have a beginning, by the simple logic of cause and effect, there had to be an agent – separate and apart from the effect – that caused it. That sounds a lot like Genesis 1:1 to me: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth. . . . As a modern believer and a scientist, when I look up at the sky on a clear starry night, I am reminded that “the heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1). I am in awe of the complexity of the physical world, and how all of its pieces fit together so perfectly and synergistically. In the Old Testament book of Jeremiah, the writer tells us that God “established (his) covenant with day and night, and with the fixed laws of heaven and earth.” These physical laws established by God to govern interactions between matter and energy result in a finely tuned universe that provides the ideal conditions for life on our planet.”

    Fortunately, the comments on this eruption of idiocy are not kind. It’s on the CNN website, however, which means CNN is trying to mainstream this crap.