1. says

    i just turned off the outside a east coast transplant i’m amazed at how little folks around her do to get ready for winter.about all i see on the dog walks around south minneapolis is a old bit of plywood and a brick on top of the air conditioner and the lawn chairs leaned over on the’s going to summer again in 6 months,no need to really put things away.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    The frost reamins on the roofs today.

    (Runs around, shouting): “Winter is coming! And it’s Obama’s fault!”

  3. marcus says

    Yay Winter! Skis are waxed and expecting another six inches of snow tonight. Powder day tomorrow!

  4. Rich Woods says

    Don’t remind me it’ll be winter soon. If three flakes of snow fall on any one county the entire bloody train network will grind to a halt. Gah.