So I was down in Texas, hunting cweationists, when I was ambushed by a Skepchick and forced under torture to reveal all my secrets. It was terrifying. And now it’s been exposed on the internet.

You really have to watch out. Those Skepchicks are lurking everywhere.


  1. leftwingfox says

    I don’t walk up and punch them in the nose and then say, “Now we start our discussion!”

    Mental images like these are what keep me coming back for more. :D

  2. bcmystery says

    When I read “Bushwacked” and “Texas,” I feared you’d been caught in one of Dubya’s Most Dangerous Game hunts.

    This is much better.

  3. left0ver1under says

    When I read the first two lines, I thought it was about other female bloggers, not those in the linked item. I’ve seen some with their own personal dislike of PZ Myers using that to defend Shermer to the hilt.

    Excuse me if that sounds like thread derailing.

  4. unclefrogy says

    well , we might line up some of the “other guys” up against the wall and laugh uncontrollably.
    most deserve understanding as they a suffering under severe delusions that are not of their making.

    uncle frogy

  5. PDX_Greg says

    PZ, I’m afraid you have just notched the Chamber of Commerce of Morris, MN into your growing enemy camp. Perhaps if I link this here, he’ll refrain from watering down the coffee the next time you get your shoes shined at the local pizzeria/feed store/tackle shop.

  6. eigenperson says

    Greg, are you kidding? All it needs is a little selective quoting:

    I live in Morris, Minnesota…. I think I’d be a lot less productive if I lived in a big city.

    –PZ Myers, nationally famed author, scientist, and poopyhead

    And there you go.