A bad game is a bad game

The Russian Orthodox have produced a ‘game’ in which you destroy members of Pussy Riot who are charging at a cathedral.


The intent is pure eliminationism: you wave a cross-shaped cursor at the little icons and they get zapped, and you get a score that is simply how many Pussy Rioters you eliminate. But it’s also a really bad game, since all you have to do is wiggle your mouse and *poof*, your enemies disappear — no strategy or skill is required, just boring, repetitious cursor movements. It’s kind of representative of the church, I guess: mindless ritual that makes your imaginary foes go away, all done with a complete lack of imagination and talent.

Yes, you can play the game at the link. You’ll only do it for a few rounds at most before you’re incredibly bored.


  1. Brian E says

    I know, terrible transliteration I’m sure that’s not how it’s written. пуси райот is probably sounds more like pussy riot. (well poosy riot)

  2. Francisco Bacopa says

    The official transliteration is Пусси Райот.

    Anyone remember the video game called Choplifter which was inspired by Operation Eagle Claw, the failed attempt to rescue the embassy hostages? Updating that would make a great Pussy Riot game. You could even airdrop garish knit dresses behind the prison walls so they could change out of their prison uniforms.

    Somebody needs to hire a team of commandos to bust Pussy Riot out of prison.

  3. David Marjanović says

    Done 8 levels so far. In the higher ones they throw so many rioters at you that it’s actually a bit hard to accurately point at all of them quickly enough.

    And at the ends of levels 6 and 8 or so, the bottom of the screen goes up in flames, and the devil zooms by – his face is the troll face! :-D

    On the other hand, you don’t even need to click. Zenon Mega Blast is better.

  4. David Marjanović says

    OFFS. :-D

    At the end, you stand before the gate of Paradise, all your sins are forgiven (you’re a slave of God, BTW), and the highest scores are shown…

    10. “putin” – 3423
    5. “Halo d3!” – 6664
    4. “You’re Putin yourself!” – 6665
    3. “Putin is a cock” – 6666 [!]
    2. “god” – 7193
    1. “I am better than God!” – 8707

    Glorious. =)

    “Cock” above is хуй, the all-purpose obscenity written on the fence in the photo (but not in the game – perhaps a rioter sprays it there if you let them).

  5. proterozoic says

    You guys (and Radio Free Europe) got trolled, there’s no way in hell this game is sanctioned by the orthodox church. Here’s why:

    The loading screen is a Breguet watch, a luxury piece that some high-ranking Orthodox priest got bashed for wearing.
    The priests in the flash game are standing next to a luxury SUV.
    The fence has the word “dick” scrawled on it in Russian.
    The old sales lady is flipping the bird.
    The “game over” screen sells indulgences – something too tacky even for the Russian church.

    The people who made this game have other political stuff on their site – not 100% sure who they’re mostly mocking with these, but it looks like a South Park-ish attempt at satire.

    tl;dr this isn’t actually made or sanctioned by the Russian Orthodox Church, and may be making fun of them.

  6. says

    Yeah, this is definitely a brilliant parody. Between the fat priests, lady selling the bible at 70% off giving you the finger, the general Newgrounds-esque art style, and a frickin TROLLFACE devil… okay, maybe some of these memes have a generation gap.

  7. voidhawk says

    There was a brilliant B.C. radio documentary the other day about the choosing up of church and state in Russia. The patriarch they interviewed was horrific, discussing how pussy riot should stay in jail for their own safety because the church don’t see them as human, how the church was taking a stand against ‘homofascism’ by banning pride events and ‘material which promotes homosexuality’ in Petersburg.

    There was also one on the HIV epidemic in Ukraine and a church in Kiev was trying to get an AIDs clinic evicted because they didn’t like being next to them.

    Really recommend the podcasts
    CC: Ukraine’s HIV battle 11 April 2013

    CC Extra: Putin, the Patriarch and Pussy Riot 01 Oct 12

  8. David Marjanović says

    The loading screen is a Breguet watch, a luxury piece that some high-ranking Orthodox priest got bashed for wearing.

    Wasn’t that actually the Patriarch?

    The “game over” screen sells indulgences – something too tacky even for the Russian church.

    Are you sure? :-)

  9. blf says

    And the latst from the real Pussy Riot, Pussy Riot target Russian oil industry in new music video:

    Russian feminist punk protest group release Like a Red Prison, their first performance in almost a year

    The Russian punks Pussy Riot have released a new video in which they appear dancing on an oil pipeline in garish masks, and compare Vladimir Putin to an “ayatollah in Iran” while attacking his allies in Russia’s rich energy sector.

    … The band say they want to draw attention to Putin’s practice of allowing only close allies to share in the vast proceeds generated by the Russian energy industry.