The preservation of the planet depends on us!

I’ve been fighting a lonely, valiant battle against the domination of cats on the internet, one where even my co-blogger betrays me, but at least Zach Weinersmith understands me.

I hadn’t realized until now that cats on the internet also explains the Fermi paradox. Cats: not just annoying, but guilty of extraterrestrial genocide.


  1. shouldbeworking says

    My daughter’s cat just barfed on my dining room floor. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but could you stop with anticat commentary while it is in the room?

  2. says

    @shouldbeworking – Now that it knows you’re on to it, it’ll probably try to kill you in your sleep, tonight. Sneak a fork to bed with you tonight, hide it under your pillow, and be vigilant!

  3. shouldbeworking says

    Fork? Nope, I’ll hide the can opener and the tuna. I’ll sleep well tonight.

  4. says

    I actually did use a fork once to discourage my old kitteh, whose idea of fun was to try to smother me with his belly at night. I didn’t poke him with it; I just made sure that every time he tried to sit down, it was where he wanted to sit. Brilliant! My strategy was working! But – he didn’t stop. That was when I realized I had made the second great blunder in military strategy. You know blunder #1 “never get in a land war in asia”? Well I’d fallen into blunder #2 “never get in a battle of passive/aggressive with a cat.”

  5. illatease says

    Hi everyone! I have a somewhat OT comment, but the title of this post and the seriousness of the situation make me feel like this would be a good place to share a bit of news that is not getting much attention at all, yet has dire ecological consequences for a huge number of unique and endangered species. In short: in Madagascar, there is currently a truly biblical plague of locusts that is swarming, covering over half of the island and destroying the rice crop that 60% of the human inhabitants of the island depends on for sustenance. The FAO estimates that 41 million USD would be sufficient to end the scourge, but that will only be if action is swift – before June. Because of international approbation after a 2009 coup, international organizations have suspended aid, and we may miss the window to ameliorate the effects. Aside from the 12.5+ Million people that will shortly be experiencing famine and food insecurity, it’s almost certain that the locust will do inestimable damage to the fragile and already besieged endemic ecosystems. Madagascar has a ~85% endemicity level, and the myriad diverse biota that inhabit it include species like the Traveller’s Palm, over half of the world’s chameleon species, and the entirety of the infraorder Lemuriformes – about 103 species of primate found nowhere else, of which 91% are on the IUCN red list. I don’t know what precisely can be done about any of this from a practical level, as it involves international aid flowing to a previously pariah country, but it has gotten next to no coverage in the American Media, and I feel that this is a story that urgently needs attention. Link to UN for the story:

    More details upon request – I can talk for hours about this (lemur anthropologist here), but I don’t want to derail the thread by any means.

  6. Ichthyic says

    I’ve seen the work on illegal logging coming from the lemur scientists in Madagascar. I’d love to have an entire thread devoted to what the hell is going on over there now.

    maybe someone could notify PZ that this would be a worthy guest thread?

  7. Ichthyic says

    …oh, and I notified Ravelry of this, and they may take it up as one of their fundraising efforts, I hope.

  8. Stardrake says

    What’s that I see on the latest Thunderdome thread? What’s that?

    A vicious, dangerous monster. Like on most Thunderdome threads.

  9. Lofty says

    What’s that I see on the latest Thunderdome thread? What’s that?

    Like I already said, that’s a sneercat. Not a lolcat at all, different species. No confusion at all at all!

  10. kreativekaos says

    Cats: not just annoying…

    Cats? Annoying? How can relatively independent-minded animals like cats be annoying?
    Apparently you haven’t met my son’s or in-laws’ dogs–following you around like that little mutt in the old ‘Loonie Tunes/Merry Melodies’ cartoons, always under your feet, having to be waited on hand and foot (or paw), standing there looking at you with that dopey Creationist stare after you let them out to ‘do their business’, hopping on your leg and slobbering all over–THEY are annoying.

  11. illatease says


    It’s a somewhat difficult but really rewarding place to work. The central government has become really unable to deal with enforcement of statutes in the rural areas after the 2009 Malagasy political crisis, and so unsustainable logging of rosewoods and other long-growth hardwoods has apparently been taking a large toll on areas of the E-NE coast. A lot of this has been related to me anecdotally, and people who work within Madagascar don’t talk about it in-country for obvious reasons.
    TL;DR I think a thread would be a capital idea. Thanks for passing it along! :)