1. teejaykay says

    Fourteen percent? Damnit! I’ve had the best of times in my uni with the female profs aside from one Irish male lunatic who is genuinely loved by everyone for getting excited about anything a student loves to talk about. I’ve noticed that a few of my male profs are taking it for granted that they have their job, and although they’re polite, they sometimes seem a little… distant.

    (Also, poor rats, and also — thanks to Volvo for safety belts. It’s not designed for pregnant women, but it’s a patent they gave away for free as I recall!)

  2. teejaykay says

    Addendum: Volvo made the three-point safety belt patent free to any manufacturer, but did not in fact invent it. Apologies for the confusion!

  3. Fred Salvador - The Public Sucks; Fuck Hope says

    Nobody mentioned why doing chemistry is not good because your career prospects post-graduation all involve prosaic suicide-inducing analysis positions or retraining as a chemical engineer. That’s a bit dishonest. Other than that, they’re all good.

    I like Safety Bear best, though; it’s a sweet idea, and if it ever goes into mass production the inevitable shit-storm that will issue forth from scientifically-illiterate buffoons when they find out how smoke detectors actually work will provide a powerful reminder of just how moronic people can be when they don’t understand science.



  4. Fred Salvador - The Public Sucks; Fuck Hope says

    Great video.

    That explains why men live so much longer than women. Right?



    No; it demonstrates a male bias which results in women being hurt and killed because men didn’t see fit to account for them when performing research.

    Also, women tend to live longer than men on average. That’s all down to biology. Don’t worry, though; the phenotypical features granted you by your maimed sex chromosome afford you far greater access to rights and privileges in society, so there’s no need to be bitter about having a slightly reduced lifespan on account of being male.

  5. dcg1 says

    This site is extremely informative!,.

    First I found out that my brain is female and has been damaged by testosterone, now i’m told that my chromosomes are maimed.
    Perhaps Professor Fred would care to supply a link to the evidence for these assertions?

    Yay science??

  6. Fred Salvador - The Public Sucks; Fuck Hope says

    Not all of your chromosomes. Just the one determining biological sex. XX versus XY; Y is missing a leg. Hence, the Y chromosome is maimed. QED.

    The quip isn’t scientific. It’s designed to urticate the inferiority complexes of neurotic men who are so emotionally FUBAR they perceive a throwaway remark about the Roman alphabet representation of a set of base pairs as a personal slight.

    It rarely fails at this level of discourse. Again, QED.

    Now go ahead and compound your failure with the obligatory whining about sexism against men, so I can return to being unaware that you exist.