Something else you can do this weekend

OK, so you can’t make it to Convergence in Bloomington, Minnesota this weekend, because you live in some strange foreign backwater like the United Kingdom. I guess you could go to the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition instead, if you live somewhere out that way. It’s going on right now, 3-8 July.

Oh, wait: they’ve got a whole suite of online science videos and interactive games? And the whole world can participate? Even if you’re in Bloomington? Uh-oh, we’ve got bigtime competition.

Maybe some homeschoolers can check in and learn cool stuff, too.


  1. DLC says

    You realize of course that most of that will be contradicted by the Accellerated (hey moving backwards is still acceleration)Christian Education program. Oh wait, that’s a contradiction in terms. Christian and Education . . .

  2. thunk, impressionable yoot says


    No, we are. Why don’t you use the Washington Meridian like proper civilized folk?