Pharyngula Podcast #2: The silly things those creationists say

I’ll be starting our second Pharyngula podcast on Google+ in one hour, at 10am Central time. You can look for it on my google+ stream, or wait patiently and I’ll post a link to the Google+ hangout and the youtube live stream somewhere early in the process. So get your webcam and your headset ready if you’d like to join in the conversation about those silly creationist claims.

I’ll also embed the video right here when the recording is all done.

We’ve started. I think these links will work:

The Google+ hangout, if you have a Google+ account.

The YouTube stream, for everyone else.

I think you can leave comments in real time at either place, I’ll try to monitor them and bring up any interesting points people might want to make.

Anybody want to try those and let me know if they’re working? Leave a comment if I need to fix something.

Hey, we sort of got it working. I think the problem was that I have to send invites to a discrete set of individuals, and a lot of people weren’t getting that and couldn’t log in. Next time, we’ll arrange it better ahead of time, and I’ll have a group of 8 or 10 people lined up to participate.

Here’s the video anyway. Ignore the first half hour or so (make that the first 15 minutes — it didn’t take as long as I thought), it’s just me and Russell Glasser floundering as we try to figure out why we’re not making contact.


  1. says

    I’ll be there. I’m tearing myself away from projects and a mile long reading list for this. Too good to miss! A bunch of my favorite folks are going to be doing this! How can I refuse? * bouncing(as much as the crazy straw that calls its self my spine will allow) in anticipation!*

  2. says

    Crap. OK, try the “my google+ stream” link. Do you see me there? I just had Mary try it, and there I was, and she was able to join the hangout…but the two links below weren’t working for her, either.

  3. tonyinbatavia says

    The first link says “Error. This post could not be found.” The second link says “This video is unavailable. Please wait.”

  4. tanoro says

    I’m passing the time by checking out who is in PZ’s circles. Some very familiar names in there. David Gorski is in there! :O I didn’t know he was on Google+.

  5. Robbie says

    Troy, Do you think we should go to the Religious Discussion and complain about PZ?

  6. lpetrich says

    I’m not seeing anything either. :(

    Could it be a problem with access privileges?

  7. tanoro says

    I’m not seeing anything on PZ’s recent posts or hangouts except the podcast from Jun 21 and everything before that.

  8. dysomniak says

    Huh, is the g+ interface super slow for anyone else? I don’t think I’ve used it since they changed it and I have like a half second lag on everything.

  9. theophontes (坏蛋) says

    What Kitty said. Perhaps I should be standing with one foot in a bucket of water while I hold the antenna aloft with a broomstick. I’m going back to being a benevolant luddite dictator.

  10. theophontes (坏蛋) says

    Aaaah… Now I can see teh Poopyhead + 1 x Guest

    (Do I need to be invited)

  11. Minnie The Finn, qui devient bientôt vierge says

    Tiina Ripatti.

    I’ll settle for watching this time, since my connection is dead slow.

  12. apucalypso says

    I can get the Youtube stream via a proxy, but not directly from youtube. On youtube it just says video not available…

  13. says

    Can see the stream and comment. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay (Kermit voice). Does pulling up my sketch of an octopus count?

  14. theophontes (坏蛋) says

    Sorry my mic crapped out.

    We enjoyed the *headdesk* in compensation. :)

  15. Josh, Official SpokesGay says

    Could someone please identify the participants left to right? Part of the setup process next time should include ensuring that people have typed in whatever they need to so they’re identified on screen. Thanks!

  16. Minnie The Finn, qui devient bientôt vierge says

    Josh: my thought exactly. PZ and Russell had name tags, I’m sure all participants could create similar if given the instructions how to before the podcast.

  17. says

    I was fifth from the left…No mic (crapped out piece of shit) but couldn’t keep my reactions in check. Crossed eyes at some of the examples of stupidity, and all that.

  18. Minnie The Finn, qui devient bientôt vierge says

    Both Spawn also watched the whole podcast and enjoyed it enormously. A suggestion from them: if you want to appear anonymously, might be a good idea to use some sort of a fake pic, since it’s quite confusing if there are more than one blank white spots. Spawn #1 suggests ManyCam, a virtual web cam that can display a pic, or maybe your favorite music video (muted, of course) or some such…

  19. says

    Yes, next time we’ll have a pre-defined panel of participants, and I’ll mail all of them instructions on how to set up a label beforehand.

  20. namtog says


    I made a account here so I could say how much I liked this video conference.

    Very informative. Do more please.

    Google+ worked well on my end in Chicago Ill.

    Thanks again,

  21. says

    Date is set: Saturday, two weeks from today.

    Time is flexible. Does this hour (10am Central) work for most people? Do I need to shift it up or down? (I can be here as early as 6am, or as late as 11pm).

  22. Minnie The Finn, qui devient bientôt vierge says

    May I suggest a topic for the next (or one of the following) podcast?


  23. namtog says


    PZ Myers wrote;
    “Does this hour (10am Central) work for most people?”

    Works for me. It fits in nicely in front of Saturday MLB.

    Watching my White Sox play the Evil Empire right now.


  24. says

    WIMMINZ? That would be fine with me, as long as we get a majority of wimminz joining in. I don’t want to be part of a bunch of guyz sitting there talking about wimminz.

    I wonder if I could get Melody Hensley to join us, since she’s the Women In Secularism conference organizer…or maybe someone from Secular Woman? Or from Godless Bitches?

  25. A. R says

    PZ why can’t we be like congress and host a sausagefest panel to talk about teh wimminz?

  26. NateHevens says

    I missed this one because of synagogue, and on July 7 I’m actually reading Torah, so I’ll miss it again if you do it then.

    If you choose a non-Saturday for the next one, however (like Sunday, maybe?) that would be awesome. Keep me updated… :D

    Oh and yes, I am an atheist… but my dad is a Hazzan, and since I’m currently poor and unemployed, I have to live with my parents, so a certain amount of synagogue is expected of me… :(

  27. NateHevens says

    Actually, if I can get away right after reading Torah, I could probably get to the podcast late… I’ll see…

  28. Antiochus Epiphanes says

    Could someone please identify the participants left to right? Part of the setup process next time should include ensuring that people have typed in whatever they need to so they’re identified on screen. Thanks

    Yeah. We have Katherine, Nova, PZ and Russell. Who are the others?

  29. says

    And looking back on that Google+ podcast….It’s time to make another hair donation (Why yes, I AM a hair farmer!).

  30. cag says

    A couple of days ago on the CBC (Canada) radio, they had an interview with a producer for National Geographics “reality” shows. The thing that really caught my attention was the claim by the producer that the NatGeo channel is 70% owned by Rupert Murdoch, and 30% by NG.

  31. throwaway says

    That ratio makes a lot of sense cag. It’s the exact ratio of science to crap. And it makes me sad to see something like Ghost Hunters or UFO Chasers coming to NGC. TBH I can’t find anything I like on it at the moment. It’s all pseudo-science or docudrama crap, it’s basically going the way of History channel, and that makes me sad. They’re catering to the lowest common denominator and that does a great disservice to the niche viewers who like actual science. The same way Science channel is going… and all the others have gone. Oh well, I guess it’s not big loss, but it just pisses me off because they could have been SOOO much better and they could have educated the masses. Television is the most disappointing invention of the 20th century. Thank Ada for computers!

  32. pontussandin says

    Hello, first-time commenter from Finland here, what do you think about having a podcast where people discuss the influence of religion in their country/society?

  33. koliedrus says

    Holy Shit!

    I’ve just spent the better part of the last five hours with my ears open and my fingers away from the keyboard.

    I’m paying attention. One video leads to another.

    For some reason, though, now I want to go to TAM to help clean up the mess.

  34. nonny says

    Some good stuff there. The skull with the eyes in its jaw made me laugh. It was interesting to hear not just the creationist’s arguement but also explanations of why they are wrong, from a scientific perspective. I have to admit, I find it hard to visualize populations evolving. I guess it’s because the Adam and Eve story is part of my cultural background, even if I never believed it, somehow the idea of the ‘first man’ and ‘first women’ has stuck around. The fact that species categories are fluid, not rigid, and genes were exchanged between them, is something it took me a while to grasp.

    I like pontussandin’s idea of having people from many different countries in the next one but obviously timezones are difficult to match up.

  35. says

    Question for you youtube pros! I want to cut out the first 22 minutes of this thing, with all its dead air. I’ve found, I can finagle the widgets to crop the time, but HOW DO I TELL IT TO OVERWRITE THE OLD VIDEO WITH THE CROPPED ONE?

    It only seems to let me create a new copy, which is not what I want.